Monday, June 29, 2015

In July, Why Don't You...

Listen to an audiobook

Repaint the frame of an old mirror for new life

Camp in a national park

Practice Yoga 

Try a new braid to get the hair off your neck

Finish a crossword puzzle

Jam out a music festival 

Cut soda pop out of your life!

Renew your library card

Press some flowers

Friday, June 26, 2015

Month in Review: June 2016

Summer Outfits
June2015 Collage

Summer Plans
Oh, man, with June, summer started in earnest. We wrapped up school, which is always an emotional time, but I was back in my classroom after only a week, this time to help out with Camp Invention! I love instilling some STEM love, but, man, you are beat by the end of the day. In between school and camp invention, I've been absolutely devouring books. I mean, I read during the school year, but to be able to take a whole day, if I want to, and curl up with a good book and tea (Insert a dreamy sigh of contentment here).

Most exciting of all though, is we ended the month of June in New York City! I can't wait to share it with you. I mean, yeah, probably most of you have been before, or even live there (Am I the only one who's never been?!), but since it is pretty much about as complicated and expensive to get to NYC as it is Europe, we're treating it like we're those sailors in On the Town, only our trip will be a bit more than just one day (hey, I hear the musical version on Broadway, maybe we should try to see it?!)

Summer Finds

Hip-hop goes Broadway

Holding Space

A village of vines

An article on Bibliotherapy

Thought controlled prosthetics: The future is now.

100 Years of Fashion, plus Katrina tries Fit Code for the perfect fitting jeans

Which wedding gifts do you actually use?

Questions from a mixed-race son

Dogs in a photobooth

How we experience Time

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I Packed: For New York City

New York Packing; travel; packing list;
I'm sure I'm not alone in finding packing for travel difficult. After all, what's the weather really gonna be (they are predicting way more rain than I'm used to, and humidity? How does one even handle that?) Or,  how about,  do I know I won't really need this pair of shoes? Admit it. You've been there too.
New York Packing II

To help, I've been trying to pre-plan outfits, like you see above. Do things always go according? No, but, for me, this sort of visualization helps. I can see what activities I might be doing, and see what I'm already taking so things can be paired together in more than one way.  I know a lot of savvy outfit planners have color schemes, which mine doesn't quite do, but all the pieces are- or could be- used more than once in different combinations.  I have a few more tops than bottoms, but that is the one sweater I'm taking for bad weather.

What about you? Do you have any packing tips that might come in handy for a holiday-bound lady?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our second wedding anniversary; two year, woohoo! I do love The Boy. We are celebrating in New York City! 

I can't wait to share it all with you when we get back, and there will still be things regularly posting here on Never Fully Dressed, but in the meantime: 

  • Go your own bags packed and are in a traveling mood? Check out NFD's travel tag

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What I Wore: The Best Silk Blouse, Ever

Popbasic, silk blouse, best silk blouse ever,
milk blouse, silk blouse, popbasic, basic, wardrobe,
PicMonkey Collage
What I Wore: Silk Blouse (Popbasic; Similar Here); Tote (Popbasic); Jeans (Similar Here), Gold Chain Necklace (Similar Here)

Suzanne asked on her eponymous blog, "What's on your Wardrobe Bucket List?" Ah, I adore her style and sass. She did say though, that if it was a "perfect white button down" you'd have no clue what a wardrobe bucket list was. But, oh, Suzanne, you have not felt this shirt. It is glorious. Do  any of you know what the word sybarite means? A dictionary definition says "someone who is self-indulgent in sensual pleasures" and boy oh boy does this shirt turn me into a such a sybarite; it is just so soft and comfortable to wear.  It is a crepe silk that is this amazingly soft thing, and so light. A big plus is that is is not very sheer- always hard with whites and creams. I got it as part of Popbasic's Kickstarter project to sell the "Best Silk Blouse, Ever."Sadly, Popbasic is going through some tough times and restructuring what/when/how they will be selling things, but this blouse certainly lives up to its name! So, I'm definitely keeping my eye on the company, because they will be sure to continue to create fantastic items for your wardrobe.

The rest of this outfit is quite simple-well, the blouse is simplicity itself as well- but that is what I love about it. When you find pieces that are truly classic, and that you really love, they can mix in a million different ways and you still get get a great look. If you've been a reader of Never Fully Dressed for any time at all, you'll know I love shorts, will have seen these mocs kicking it around, and this gold chain necklace- inherited from my grandmother when she could no longer close the clasp- is in constant rotation. The blouse, of course, is new, but I'm already dreaming up other ways to pair it and almost am bummed the school year is so far off because this is going to rock my work wardrobe. But only almost because summer is summer, of course! And, as these pictures show, one of the most beautiful times of the year in Wyoming.

What is on your wardrobe bucket list?

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