Friday, May 6, 2016

Stationery Wishlist: Ciao, Italia!


1. Bon Voyage Notebook | 2. Swimming Birthday Card | 3. Botticelli's Venus Phone Case | 4. Pack This! Notepad | 5. Vintage Italian Poster Postcards | 6. Leaning Tower of Pisa Stamp | Passport mini-notebooks

March can feel very humbug and make me a bit stir crazy as the bad weather lingers on. So, I've been dreaming of travel and Italy is always a dream to go to. Gelato, pasta and great culture and people, what's not to love? 

1. Bon Voyage Notebook A perfect notebook to record all of your travel memories in as you drive under that Tuscan Sun. 

 2. Swimming Birthday Card  Oh, for the Italian Rivera!  If you get there first, save me a one of those lounging chairs. If neither of us make it to those golden coast though, we'll still get along swimmingly with this birthday card. 

 3. Botticelli's Venus Phone Case  Even if Italy isn't in the plans this year, one of Botticelli's (and Florence's) most famous works of art could still grace your phone. Now that's Amore! 

 4. Pack This! Notepad - How handy is this? I'm always bound to forget something without a list. What about you? Needing a list too? 

5. Vintage Italian Poster Postcards - All these postcards are based on vintage Italian posters and can be purchased for a song at the same site. All evoke the feelings I get every time I'm in bella Italia. 

 6. Leaning Tower of Pisa Stamp When I spent a summer teaching English in Italy, my host remarked to me that it was not just the leaning that made this landmark so special. She pointed out that it stands alone among a green space when much of Italian architecture is wall to wall with another building. And, while the Leaning Tower has made her stamp on history, you can can now make a stamp of it! 

 Passport mini-notebooks- I use these small, thin notepads All. The. Time. when traveling. Need to jot down directions, or want to write down the name of something you'd like to learn more about later? Write it on these unobtrusive pads.  If you are somewhere that doesn't speak your language, why not use these to write down the names of places you need to go or useful phrases. That way you can simply point to the words to tell that taxi driver where you need to go! 

P.S. Dreaming of Paris or other travels? Check out this stationery wishlist or these travel posts. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Summer List

Warm weather has (sort of) arrived! And with it.... several holes in my closet! Here's what I realized I was sorely missing for this season. What about you? 

1) Shirts- Where did all my short sleeved or sleeveless tops go? It is a mystery, but summer heat means I'll need something a bit lighter to keep cool. Luckily, I think polka dots and stripes are basics that still keep things interesting. 

2) Shorts- I live, live, live in shorts come summer time. My denim ones need replaced,  but a fun printed pair, like those shown above, maybe a fun way to mix things up too. I've found basics are good but something with a bit of pizzazz is often just as useful. 

3) Summer Dresses- Skirts have become my One True Love (Besides The Boy, that is!), but there is something infinitely easy about a good dress. To be fair, the seersucker number is actually a top and skirt, not a dress, but still. 

4) Shoes- summertime and shoes and I have an issue. I need two pairs that do two specific things. I need a pair of tennis shoes to kick it around in- ones that are actually comfortable! (I'm looking at you, converse shoes, you betrayer of feet, you!) Plus, I need some sandals that can slip on and off with ease. Since I'm diabetic, the doctors really want the feet protected. It is surprisingly hard to find summer shoes with closed toes, but this pair is adorable, right? 

Monday, May 2, 2016

In May, Why Don't You....

Admit the grey is coming in and dye your hair

Attend a MakerFaire

Pick out graduation gifts (maybe this book?)

Schedule your yearly (or quarterly, if you have a chronic disease) check up

Watch Star Wars in honor of May 4th!

Throw a Sundae Party and offer all the fixings

Uncover a treasure at a garage sale

Make photo book for your mother for Mothers' Day

Volunteer to read to residents in assisted living

Wade in a creek

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Month in Review: April 2016

Long time no... write, I guess.  Some of you may have guessed I'd quit blogging and, well, some of you would have been right. That was the intention anyway. I knew when I got my job last year (my job that I love, but which is very time intensive) that NFD's days were likely numbered and certainly that was reflected in the lessening of posts, so, when I didn't get anything done for a few weeks it seemed like a good time to ghost out, but....Ironically, I quit my hobby for my job but when, at my job, we were recently asked to filled out a questionnaire  that asked what our hobbies were and I couldn't put any of this down anymore and that... didn't seem right.

I missed it.  I missed the documentation and reflection.  I missed the routine and sharing- being part of the conversation too.  So, a here's another post and finding a voice again. It'll be a bit to find a balance that works. Goodness knows it hasn't been found in the last few months. But in the meantime- Hello. How have you all been?

.... Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled programming, complete with this month's links list.

Links To Spring Into

Welcome to Jackson Hole.... China? 

Edible Spoons could reduce plastic in landfills

Also- pencils that become plants

I taught English in The Czech Republic... which is now Czechia. Not sure what to think about that.

A library for color (and there's a color made from mummies...just sayin'.)

A new Caravaggio has been discovered?! One expert thinks so!

Harriet Tubman to go on the twenty dollar bill

Would you wear pants to your wedding?

Teaching code to prisoners could be an innovative way to rehabilitate.

Female soccer players make less money than male players but produce more revenue

Breaking down film dialogue by gender

And if you don't like dialogue, you can watch silent movies here

Friday, April 8, 2016

Stationery Wishlist: Spring Fever

1. Floral Pencil Case | 2. Typewriter Post-Its | 3. Emma Block Print Cards | 4. You're a Peach Card | 5. Notepad | 6. Kate Spade Pens | 7. Mint Green File Holder

1. Floral Pencil Case - April showers bring May flowers, so they say. Put these in your purse, and go out to sketch some real flowers, this April!

2. Typewriter Post-Its - Typewriters always make me things of Meg Ryan and Tom Hannks in You've Got Mail. There is just something inherently springtime about that story!

3. Emma Block Print Cards - Don't these ladies look the epitome of airy springtime, strolling about with Paris with flowers and white dresses.

4. You're a Peach Card - Yum, right?

5. Notepad - This may be as close to a green thumb as I get. A fun way to bring the outdoors indoor.

6. Kate Spade Pens- A bit of riotous color at your desk can make it easier to stay indoors and at your work when the weather might beckon you instead.

 7. Mint Green File Holder- You can file it away:  finding pretty things to keep your work in can be hard, but this colorful holder might change that.
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