Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Remix: Popbasic's "Lost" Shirt

This shirt comes from one of my favorite clothing lines, Popbasic, and it might be my favorite clothing item from them too (either that or my Sunday Silk Blouse).  I know button-ups are not everyone's cup of tea, but they seem an indispensable part of my wardrobe and this one has a very classic look which can go preppy or modern or woodsy pretty well. Not pictured are any work attire featuring this shirt, which is odd since I wear it all the time. But as you can see it is worn all the time anyway! In fact it is hung up on my mirror, part of an outfit ready to be worn tomorrow, so you might see it on the blog again soon. No promises though. The weather is a funny old thing, you know :/

Monday, March 23, 2015

Film Flick: Easter Parade

If you watch 40s musicals at all, you've heard the story before. A tried and true performer is jilted by his worldly business partner, and then swears revenge vis-a-vie becoming an even bigger success without their partner. To do this, the performer almost always gets some fresh-faced kid trained up to sing and dance in his act. It becomes a mess of love triangles until the lead gets the sense to go after his ingĂ©nue of a partner, and then there's wedding bells all around. But you don't watch Easter Parade for the story line. Rather, the storyline, while nothing new, is the sweet bit-of-nothing star power and showing-stopping numbers hang from. Easter Parade is 17 show-stopping Irving Berlin numbers performed by Hollywood's best- Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.

In 1947, The New York Easter Parade, which people strutted down 5th Avenue for, was estimated to draw over a million people. Perhaps this was what inspired Irving Berlin to first float the idea of a movie entitled "Easter Parade" to the Fox studios. MGM ended up being he backing studio though, with producer Arthur Reed's unit- famous for making fabulous, big budget musicals- in charge. According to Reed, it was the lure of getting to work with Judy Garland that got Berlin to work with MGM.

Originally, Gene Kelley was slated to star opposite of Garland, but a broken ankle from a sporting event meant they needed someone else. Kelley recommended they call up Fred Astaire. This was a bit of a long shot, for Astaire, concerned at the increasing age differences between him and his lead ladies, was nominally retired. The chance to work with Garland for the first time was enough to pull him back into show business though, and he reported for work a mere three days after Kelley broke his leg (er, ankle. Sorry, the pun was too good to resist).

Although both were big stars at the time, they'd never met in person, and Garland was too shy to beginning shooting until properly introduced! We can't blame her; the first scene they shot was of them kissing. Despite the nervous start, Garland enjoyed making the film, far more than her previous one (Pirates, which, being directed by her husband, put considerable strain on their marriage). Astaire said of his dancing partner, "She's the greatest entertainer who ever lived- who probably ever will live... it was one of the greatest thrills to get to work with her."

The cast was rounded out with Ann Miller and Peter Lawford, who each get a few numbers of their own! 

Despite the predictably story line, this film was a job to watch for the comic timing, whether in dancing such as when Astaire uses drums to bamboozle a kid out of a stuffed rabbit, or in the characters' interactions themselves. One can rarely tear your eyes from Garland's face; its so animated. There were a lot of inside jokes too. One early dance number involved Garland in a dress that shed its feather trim with every turn. It was a reference to a dress worn by another of Astaire's famous dance partners, Ginger Roger, in Top Hat. After Rogers' dress would stop shedding, Astaire had sworn there would be no more feather dresses! 
So, go on, put on your Easter Bonnet, strut down the avenue this Easter- and when you get back settle back and take in Judy Garland and Fred Astaire's charming Easter Parade.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dog Eared Page: The Little White Horse

secret of, moonacre, book, dog eared page, reading,
The carriage gave another lurch and Maria Merryweather, Miss Heliotrope and Wiggins once more fell into each other's arms, sighed, gasped, righted themselves and fixed their attention upon those objects which were for each of them at this trying moment the source of courage and strength. Maria gazed at her boots, pushing them out from under the carriage rug for that purpose. Miss Heliotrope restored her spectacles, jolted from her aquiline nose by the swaying of the carriage, to their proper position, picked up the worn brown volume of French Essays from the floor, popped a peppermint in her mouth and peered once more in the dim light at the wiggly black print on the yellowed page. Wiggins meanwhile pursued with his tongue the taste of the long-since-digested dinner that still lingered among his whiskers. Humanity can be roughly divided into three sorts of people: those who find comfort in literature, those who find comfort in personal adornment, and those who find comfort in food, and Miss Heliotrope, Maria, and Wiggins were typical representatives of their own sort of people.

- The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge

Friday, March 13, 2015

Stationary Wishlist: Spring Stationary


1. Badge Card | 2. Phone Case | 3. Honey Bear Card | 4. Bicycle Clips | 5. Erasers | 6. Pencils

1. Badge Card - Did you know that Girl Scout Day  and Girl Scouts' week (which is this week!)  is celebrated in March?! That's when the scouts' founder, Juliette "Daisy" Gordon registered her first 18 scouts! What a better way to pay homage to the great gals in your life than by celebrating their success this month with this fun, badge-inspired card? 

2. Phone Case - Spring time means flower right? I'm already dreaming of them blooming, but you could have a little bit of spring all year 'round with this phone case! 

3. Honey Bear Card - Wild flowers and early spring picnics? Need we say more? Invite a friend along on your next mountain drive with this card. 

4. Bicycle Clips- Spruce up your spring with a bike ride- or, if you're not up to that, these bicycle paper clips. 

5. Erasers- We all make mistakes, but these erasers make us feel better about trying again! 

6. Pencils- A fun reminder of all the fun things you can do in spring (or any time at all!) 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What I Wore: Can't Slow Down

popbasic, never fully dressed,

What I Wore: Shirt (American Eagle), Pants (American Eagle), Sweater (American Eagle; Similar Here), Clutch (Popbasic), Boots (Crown Vintage), Necklace (Similar Here), Belt (Similar Here), Scarf (Similar Here)

It seems an age since my last outfit post. But things just won't seem to slow down. Part of it was the flu (don't worry; my germs couldn't get at you through the screen, even if I wasn't finally cured). But a lot of it is work. I mean, I love my work and I could (and do Just ask The Boy) talk about my work. All. Day. Long. It makes sense because, hey, you're at work all day long, and then when I come home.... well, my classes get to make robots and mummies and cool stuff like that (and learn. Obviously. We don't do anything for "just because," but learning is cool). But.... it is still only one topic.

Here's the thing though. For awhile, it seemed like everyone's lives changed at such a rapid pace. For a few years it was about college with new classes every semester, and moving, and job hunts and relationships. Things do still change and new adventures pop up now too. It is just at a different pace. Though I feel like things won't slow down (in work, anyway), things don't- and don't need to- change in our lives at a such a fast pace now. For any armchair phycologists out there, you probably know this is because I and most of  my similarly aged friends are shifting gears as we move from one of Erikson's stages of development to the next... an odd, but content situation. Let's generate, not stagnate!

 And, for all the rest of you to whom that sounded like psychobabble, don't worry. It's just a long-winded way to say "I haven't got much to say."  Anyone else like to see how you fit into the world through psychology theories? Do tell! 
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