Monday, November 28, 2016

November 2016 in Review

November Finds

Emojis are not the death of a language (plus, the coolest emojis ever)

Three seconds to being happier

The oldest vertebrate animal in the world is this shark

I got a little Bump Envy after reading these delightful interviews!

The future could look like these environmentally friendly homes

Speaking of the future- here's some good financial advice and easy ways to save the enviroment. 

Reduce your anxiety by listening to this.

The 3 types of friendships

Archeological finds at one of Shakespeare's early theaters

Help others; this is a list of pro-minorities, pro-women, pro- LGBTQ foundations you can donate to

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dog- Eared Page: Emily of Deep Valley

At church the next day, Dr. MacDonald said something that helped her. Emily's mind kept drifting away from the sermon to last night's fun. But suddenly this sentence flashed out- it was a quotation from Shakespeare, she thought:

'Muster your wits; stand in your own defense."

She had no idea in what sense he had used it, but it seemed to be a message aimed directly at her.

"Must your wits; stand in your own defense," she kept repeating to herself on the long walk home. After dinner she sat down in her rocker, looked out at the snow and proceeded to muster her wits.

"I'm going to fill my winter and I'm going to fill it with something worth while," she resolved.

-Emily of Deep Valley by Maud Hart Lovelace

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nursery Plans

Old news for anyone who follows me on  Instagram, but new for anyone just reading the blog- I'm pregnant! 28 weeks pregnant to be exact, with a baby boy on his way in late January. The whole experience of growing a small person inside you is an interesting one (one that let's you into this club where all fellow mothers look at you knowingly and pass along tips. They've been there; they know these looks say. Which. Yup. They have.) And there are a lot of ups and downs with all of this as you are excited and scared and you hurt..... but one of the fun things has been planning the nursery. That nesting instinct is real, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Originally, the idea had been to have a gender-neutral nursery, and since The Boy loves science and technology a "Journey to the Moon" theme seemed a great way to combine something he loved with a shot of whimsy a la the 1902 film La Voyage Dans La Lune.  My original inspiration relied heavily on black and whites (babies see contrast must easier than colors was part of the rationale. But really, I just like black and white), and I loved the idea of a moon over a city, so you see several building-shapes worked into the design. However, dreams are not reality. Many of these items are either expensive or are not for sale anywhere. I have made something for the nursery, but there are limits to my talents (and time) in that arena. BlueNursery

The first pinboard to the second one shows a lot of evolution with this "Journey to the Moon" plan. We recently purchased this very crib and dress set, as well as the rug (So excited)! The  blue isn't so much to scream "Its a boy!" as it is....well, I love the color blue and the crib and dress reminded me of the bed my sister and I both slept in as kids. Its a family heirloom that my father had painted blue when he was ten or so. Its been refurbished back into a rich wood with no paint, so this blue seems a bit nostalgic. There are certainly more rockets than I'd originally intended, partly because old childhood favorites have pictures with rockets. How did I never know before that Babar has a space travel book? And Tintin is a family favorite. Both of my parents read the comics as kids and passed that love on to my sister and me. The crocheted rocket is still a bit of a pipe dream, admittedly. There are instructions on how to make it, but I don't know anyone who crochets. Not the the baby will know whether it is there or not, but a girl can dream, right? I did manage to make a paper mache moon that will hang by a window, so some of my own handiwork is in this all. The cradle is one my own grandfather made years ago, and won't a stuffed robot look cute in it? Overall, things have gotten a touch more science-y than whimsical, but I do still enjoy this print "Mr. Tinker Visits the Moon" which is an illustration from the Oz books.

Of course, it is all a work in progress, so who knows if the final room will have changed as much as the idea has over the past few months. I'll be sure to show you when its all done!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Film Flick: 3 Guys Named Mike

With a title like 3 Guys Named Mike it should surprise no one that this film is a fluffy rom-com about
a woman who attracts the attentions of, well, three guys all named Mike.  The very concept is frothy and meant to be good fun, but it gets elevated (no pun intended) to new heights by its main character. Marcie,  young woman full of ideas, intelligence and opinions, is about to trade in her daily existence for the blue skies as she applies for a stewardess job with American Airlines. Even in the first scene, it is clear that Jane Wayman, playing Marcie, is having a ball and that Marcie pretty much runs the lives of any who cross her path. And though they may occasionally be annoyed by her pushing her opinions on everyone, they love her for it. Her tendency to connect people and put all her ideas and suggestions into action occasionally end in disaster, but the best thing about this film is that it never, ever apologizes for its heroine's intelligence. She may be getting into some troubles, but she gets out of that trouble by her wits too.  It is always clear that one of the best things about Mariey is her brain and she is worth falling for because of it.

As she adventures across the cloudy skies, she eventually meets her 3 Mikes- one is a pilot, one an aspiring graduate student and bartender, ad the last a successful advertising man. Each has an adorable cute-meet with. Perhaps the one downfall of the film is that preference for one man over the others is not strongly stated. One could argue that small signs are there- one treats her as a woman without a brain, another feeds her love of learning for example- but they are subtle. A far better indicator of who she ends up with is looking at who was the biggest star at the time of filming, but that's all more clues you'll get from me! Of course, each man thinks they have something special till they all meet and confusion ensures.

The New York Times was not so kind to this film, calling the film "bird-brained" in its review and accusing the woman credited with the concept for the film- one Hazel "Pug" Wells, who had been an airline stewardess too- of reading too many magazines and doing "too little work," which is more than a little insulting. Luckily, Ruth Brooks Filppen thought differently and wrote the story down. The story was then turned into a screenplay by Sidney Sheldon, who also ended up with a bit part on the film.

Because the story involves airplanes- which can be expensive props- Three Guys Named Mike might also be considered an early example of product placement! In exchange for using their planes, American Airlines, a real airline company, was prominently featured in the film. They were even allowed to feature some of the actual training the airline gave to their stewardesses, which added another way to make the film feel authentic.

However, authenticity isn't why you watch the film, nor even is the romance. Rather the plucky Marcie, clever and smart and unapologetic for it- is who you are sticking around for more than any of the Three Guys Named Mike. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

In November, Why Don't You....

Remember to change your clocks for daylight savings!

Store away your spring (or, in my case, non-maternity) wardrobe to make room for clothes you actually  use

Visit an arts and crafts fair

Try a face mask

Attend a Friendsgiving

Schedule your pet to visit the vet (get its teeth cleaned!)

Take advantage of Cyber-sales

Draw a chalkboard design

Attend prenatal classes

Install a new faucet
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