Remix: Black Sweater

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A black sweater just seems so basic, but it is tried and true. Its what I reach for it I want to feel instantly more put together. Its pretty effortless too because not only does it make me feel put together but its comfy too! As you can see, it also goes with just about everything. Win-win-win! 


  1. Honestly I'm amazed you can use a black sweater so many ways because I feel like I keep doing the same thing with a simple piece like that. So I'm glad to see you both dressed it up and down with flowy skirts and converse. :D

  2. Great looks!

  3. What a cute black sweater! It does go with everything :)

  4. This is definitely a staple to have in your closet. Goes with literally everything. My favorite of this bunch is the emerald skirt!

  5. Gorgeous! I love all the looks, but especially like your green midi skirt paired with this sweater! :)


  6. Black is my favorite hue. It really does go with everything and it can be so transformative. I really love that outfit with the black sweater and light pink skirt!

    - Anna


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