Friday, May 29, 2015

In June, Why Don't You...

yellow bikini

Don an itsy-bitsy, teeny-ween, yellow polka dot bikini

Splurge on a new travel case

Take tennis lessons

Clean out your closet

Throw an outdoor movie party

Indulge in a root beer float

Put on a bold color of lipstick

Help at a children's summer camp 

Repaint a room

Catch a ferry out to the Statue of Liberty

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 2015 in Review

Unexpected Plans

Oh. Well. May just came up and knocked me right out, didn't it? I had my last set of classes with students for the year- such a roller coaster of emotions, there! You want it to be a happy event, but change is hard, especially as many gifted kiddos can feel things deeply. We had a "Spy School" theme to the week though, which added an extra special flare to our last set of learning adventures.  At the same time, I was racing to finish up my own school work for my graduate courses, while also organizing an Open House for students' parents. Successes all, but tiring too! And, as I was finishing my first year teaching, my father was finishing his last year teaching. There were several retirement parties in his honor,  and now his office is cleaned out and his professor's cap and gown officially turned in! Congratulations, Dad!

And all those things? Were just the first half of May. But we have still be going at things full throttle. Schools only get more hectic as The End Draws Near. We also squeezed in a wellness fair and helping at events for The Nonprofit The Boy works with. Plus, we've had such unusually rainy weather. I mean, we're in a desert and it flooded in our downtown's main street! A tornado was even spotted. What is this?!

Basically though, all this is a long winded excuse for why you haven't seen me posting for most of the month! I did manage a bit, such as sharing some ideas of things to do in May a childhood-favorite book, and some stationery inspired by Great Reads. I also got some Cinema Style inspiration from the Other Hepburn, and from remixing some old favorites in my closet. But despite posts being rare on the ground this month, for June, I'm all raring to go!

Unexpected Finds

Thoughts on diversity in the vintage community

Breath-taking waltz composed by Anthony Hopkins

I want to stare at this Fred and Ginger photo editorial forever. This Klimt-inspired one too.

A friend just announced they're having a baby, so this seemed very apropos. 

 Because I found out the hard way, some people don't know not to do this.

Made me laugh.

A fascinating look at the Nepalese girls who are living goddesses 

This made me sad about where we are with gender biases, but there's hope for the future. 

Two of my favorite bloggers collaborating to create a great interview.

Dry dog. Wet dog. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Dog Eared Page: The Enchanted Castle

The Princess opened large, dark eyes, stretched out her arms, yawned a little, covering her mouth with a small brown hand, and said, quite plainly and distinctly, and without any room at all for mistake:
"Then the hundred years are over? How the yew hedges have grown! Which of you is my Prince that aroused me from my deep sleep of so many long years?"

"I did," said Jimmy fearlessly, for she did not look as though she were going to slap anyone.

"My noble preserver!" said the Princess, and held out her hand.
Jimmy shook it vigorously.

"But I say," said he, "you aren't really a Princess, are you?"

"Of course I am," she answered; "who else could I be? Look at my crown!" She pulled aside the spangled veil, and showed beneath it a coronet of what even Jimmy could not help seeing to be diamonds.

"But " said Jimmy.

"Why," she said, opening her eyes very wide, "you must have known about my being here, or you'd never have come. How did you get past the dragons?"

Gerald ignored the question. "I say," he said, "do you really believe in magic, and all that?"

"I ought to," she said, "if anybody does."
-The Enchanted Castle by E.B. Nesbit

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Remix: Floral Skirt

With a White Shirt | With a Gold Necklace | With a Yellow Sash
With a Denim Shirt |With a  Black Striped Shirt | With a Red Striped Shirt

Things have been hectic here as the school year starts to wrap up. Add that to the fact the weather has been cruel and is springlike when  have to work and winter the minute I get out...well, here is a remix for you!

This is one of my oldest skirts; many of these outfits come from my first year of blogging. A good floral print is always in style though, right?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Stationery Wishlist: Summer Reading List

1. Wind in the Willow Stickers | 2. Personal Library Kit | 3. Anne of Green Gables Cards | 4. Book Plates | 5. Babar Lined Envelopes | 6. Emma Journal

1. Wind in the Willow Stickers- Many a happy afternoon has been spent having tea with Mole and Ratty, or tearing down the road with Mr. Toad in his new automobile! These charming stickers have versatile uses, some designed for decorating envelopes, others are labels and still others create filing tabs when folded in half! 

 2. Personal Library Kit - This little kit brings back memories, doesn't it? What are kids today going to get nostalgic about now that they don't have those library check out cards? Use them here as book plates, or book marks, or- if you're the friend whose good taste in reading means your books are always loaned out- to keep track of who has what "checked out" of your library. 

3. Anne of Green Gables Cards- I promised a friend I would finally try to read Anne of Green Gables- somehow missed it as a young girl! Luckily, these enchanting notecards make me want to be enveloped in the world of Green Gables (pun fully intended!)

4. Book Plates- There's always a special thrill in adding a new book to your personal library. Make it official with bookplates, so that even when you lend out your new favorite, it comes back to your shelf, rather than living forever on a friend's who can't remember who she borrowed it from! 

5. Babar Lined Envelopes-Who doesn't find the Elephant King enchanting with his green suit and gentle manner? Add some whimsy to your correspondence's day with this lined envelope!

6. Emma Journal- Miss Woodhouse was always making lists of books to read (according to a certain Mr. Knightley, anyway!) and now so can you- in this lovely notebook from Kate Spade. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Cinema Style: The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story was written for Katherine Hepburn so you could say that, in many ways, the main character Tracy Lord was Katherine Hepburn. This comes through in the haughty, intellectual and doesn't-mind-breaking-the-rules attitude and certainly also comes through in the clothes.

Any vintage lover is sure to know that Katherine Hepburn and pants are synonymous. True, others- other stars even- wore them first, but Katherine Hepburn worn them on screen and nowhere does she do it to more or better effect than in her comeback film The Philadelphia Story. Luckily, the simplicity is the charm of the outfit and it is easy to recreate and will look just was fresh and timely as it did on the silver screen 80 some years ago! A pair of wide legged, carmel pants paired with a high necked shirt will make you seem svelte. Add some heels for more height, more leg and more impact. 
Tracy Lord is compared to a goddess-like, a lot- in this film and as it turns out, that's not always the compliment you might think it is. The costume designers chose to underscore this theme by dressing Hepburn in white and in art deco and grecian inspired looks. However, it is an easy look to capture- and to capture whilst making sure that anyone calling you a goddess only means it in the very, very best way possible. This high necked dress gives just a hint of skin. Rather than go for full on art-deco does Greece, as Hepburn does, you can have the jewelry do all the work. Because the dress and pieces are simple, you can pile on rather more than you might normally. The shoes will keep you classy while also insuring no one thinks of you as an untouchable or virginal goddess (No promises that they won't nickname you Aphrodite though!) 

Friday, May 1, 2015

In May, Why Don't You...

Tall Bike

Dye your hair

Bike to work

Visit a flea market

Wash the windows-inside and out

Eat outside

Make a list of books for summer reading 

Plant a garden- even if just in a window box!

Go bowling

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Make a photo album
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