Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What I Wore: Work-a-day

print pants
Print pants

What I Wore: Shirt (Old Navy), Pants (Old Navy), Belt (Similar Here), Bracelet (Popbasic; Similar Here), Necklace (PopbasicSimilar Here), Shoes (Old Navy)

Printed pants were one of those things I'd seen on other bloggers and adored, but could never find a pair that looked good in real life - till my mother imparted some great advice. She was wary of them too, but when Stitchfix sent her some (she seriously has the BEST luck with Stitchfix and makes me want to try them again.), she decided there was nothing to lose by trying them on.  Turns out the prints look quite different on than lying flat and folded. So it it was with me too. 

I found these on sale at Old Navy (you'd think based on how much of wardrobe is from Old Navy that I'm there ALL the time. I really only go in a few times a year.) I've been rather desperate for more work appropriate pants, actually. With elementary kids, one minute teachers might be kneeling, then jumping, then getting-the-wiggles-out-dancing and we're doing all of this on the floor, in tiny chairs, up and all about the room. Basically, you have to be able to move, but still look professional. It's funny- my style journey really began once I shifted into the work world and realized owning mostly jeans and t-shirts was both boring and less-than-useful. So,the style I present here on NFD  and what I'm wearing in my work place are often quite similar (I've definitely presented other outfits I've worn to work before, such as here, here and here). But that work style is definitely always evolving as I try to find that "me" in the balance of being professional.

That said, this is definitely one of my new favorite work outfits.  It seems like there's a shift in how I'm dressing for a more sleek look, like I "live in Paris" as one co-worker said. I find myself gravitating  towards more neutral colors and statement jewelry (like this necklace and bracelet set which were part of Popbasic's latest collection). 

Some of my readers are still in school while others work from home or are a stay-at-home caregivers, but for those of you who have a work environment with a dress code, how do you find the balance between professionalism and your own sartorial voice? 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Month in Review: September 2014

Fall Fashion
clothes, withoutastyle, hell bunny, popbasic, stripes, wyoming, never fully dressed,
What's interesting it is fall, but the photos are actually in chronological order from left to right.

Fall Mail
We shared a tongue-in-cheek guide to writing to advice columns for this month's letter writing series. We also shared both books about mail and mail about books, and, for those of you who thinking mail is for the birds- we always have this post of feathery-fine stationary!

Fall Plans
Number one on this month's Why Don't You... List was to start a new job, and that's exactly what I've been busy with! For those of you out of the loop, I took a position teaching gifted and talented elementary students; there were a few weeks of prep and meetings, then I welcome kids into my classroom last week. That may be why the beautiful except from this month's Dog Eared Page rang so especially true for me. Just because I love my new job doesn't mean there's not a daydream or two about summer still lingering, especially when oohing and aahing over the Continental looks showcased by these Americans-in-Rome with the film Three Coins in the Fountain. And as busy as things have been, we can tell they are about to rev up more, so Thanks September, and here's to you October with your Harvest events, Halloween and Homecoming Games.
instagram, beartooth mountains, wyoming, montana, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,

Fall Finds
Anthropologie Furniture makes me laugh

A Marie Currie doll? Miss Possible explains

Ecuador's all digital currency  

Alternate look at ethical shopping. Agree or disagree?

Five reasons not to share that Common Core worksheet on Facebook. As a teacher this hits home.

Nicole shares "My Body is Not a Public Space" and Steffi shares about insecurities

Open to Public Comment: Forest Service wants you to pay to take photos on Public, Wild Lands

A History of the Charm Bracelet

Post-Modern Jukebox does All About the Bass with- Surprise!- A Bass.

Jana shares her lovely, lovely wedding. So happy for you two!

Good Advice

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Welcome Autumn

I love fall for the fashion- a coziness that fists so well with the changing colors of leaves. Since fall is now officially here, according to the calendar, here are some of my favorite fall looks from years past!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Books about Letters

Letters, letter, mail, book,
Letters to Judy Blume Ever read those advice columns in newspapers? That is sort of this book. Kids write to Judy Blume, author of many children's classics which address complicated issues of growing up; they share their fears, problems and worries with her. She shares back, telling them how to handle things, or who to get to help.

The Art of the Personal Letter- This book goes over advice to make your personal correspondence more engaging and thoughtful.

For the Love of Letters- Using letters from real life correspondence in history, this book takes you through what makes a good letter for every occasion.

 Can Any Mother Help Me? This book is a compilation of letters written as part of the Cooperative Correspondence Club, a private magazine designed to help women in rural Australia connect with others.

Kind Regard: The Lost Art of Letter Writing- Here's a volume with somet of everything from the history of writing to examples of different letters to advice on what to write.

Letters of Note: Correspondence deserving a wider audience- Collected here are letters from a wide and varied background. The only common theme is that these letters are "deserving" to be read. Edited by Shaun White, the curator of the blog Letters of Note, this book is sure to be a must-read.

Dear Old Love- a volume filled with old love letters- from crushes, sweethearts, husbands and the ones who got away. In turns poignant and hilarious, there will be a love letter for your every mood.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

J'Adore What I Wore

graphic T-shirt, rose print, floral, skirt, hell bunny, popbasic, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
rose, floral, skirt, graphic t-shirt, hell bunny, popbasic, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,

What I Wore: Skirt (Hell Bunny), Shoes (Old Navy), Shirt (Old Navy), Necklace (Popbasic; Similar Here)

I thought I'd shunned- or perhaps out-grown- all graphic tees after graduating college (now some five years ago!), but here I am again. Maybe it's a fad, maybe it's too young (The Boy certainly did not understand this tee's appeal, calling it "distracting"), but... J'adore this shirt. And yeah, graphic tees being a fad may be debatable but there's no such a debate about slapping on foreign phrases on shirts- that's a fad for sure. 

Of course, graphic tees can't exactly be worn to work, and they say something (quite literally) about you. I mean, you can look at a person's shirt and know something about them. Do they like Mickey Mouse, a hot new band, or Harley Davidson? Do they belong to the boy scouts, a church group, and environmental activist group? Certainly, that's what you'd know about my college self based on my shirts- But in this case knowing that I love love doesn't seem to like it would be too much a stain on any first impression I might make, and the minimalist look appealed.  The marriage of high/low felt edgy and fresh- after all a T-shirt with a full skirt and red lipstick doesn't get much more high/low. So- where do you stand on graphics on clothes? Pros? Cons? I'd love to hear you weigh in. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

What I Wore: Thrills Me Still

skirt, pleated, yellow, black, sweater, the giver, never fully dressed, withotuastyle,
skirt, pleated, yellow, black, sweater, the giver, never fully dressed, withotuastyle, pealrls
skirt, pleated, yellow, black, sweater, the giver, never fully dressed, withotuastyle,
What I Wore: Sweater (Similar Here), Dress (Modcloth; Similar Here), Shoes (Old Navy), Purse (Similar Here), Necklace (Similar Here)

I wore this out the night when The Boy took me out on the town. A year married and he still thrills me- and going out together is still a thrill too. Maybe a different sort because it is not that "getting to know this person" phase first dating is. Rather the "what new thing was learned" or "how did his day go?"sort of thoughts.

How about you? Would you wear this on a date? It's actually a dress, but while the dress has featured on Never Fully Dressed before, I"m not sure I'd ever worn it as a dress...

Speaking of going out- we went to the movies this past weekend, to see The Giver. The book was required reading for my middle school self- likely a lot of you too, though I get the feeling it has been overlooked more recently in the onslaught of YA novels being written as the niche's popularity rises. Which is really too bad because though it shares some similarities to many popular series today- The Giver too is a sci-fi story set in the future that deal with a world that is less perfect that what is seems (not unlike many other novels that have been made into movies recently). But it is truly closer kin to it's sci-fi roots than its YA ones...and Lois Lowry's novel has always stayed with me, in a way that is startling even for this avid reader. The Boy is just enough older than me that it wasn't written when he was in school, but I convinced him to read it through the past weekend. That was a book devoured if ever I saw one! Always nice to be proven right about books, but his reactions made me think on the book all over again. It was written (and won many awards) in 1994... for a decade or so, it's ambiguous ending has inspired many essays and heart felt thoughts. Lowey herself had made speeches refusing to reveal what she thought the ending meant... and then she in the last five years or so, wrote three more books to form a quartet. I'll be honest, the movie is horrid. The sequels are not so bad, though nothing matches the perfect ending of The Giver. If you've ever read the story, what did you think- about the film, about the ending, about the sequels (which I'm reading on my Kindle reader)? Bookworms- Unite, and share!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Letter-Writing: Aunt Agony Letters

You probably see them all the time- in newspapers, in magazines, so much so we don't really give that much thought to them. But letters to advice columns must be written by someone, and, if you have an issue you can't talk to with someone else- why not you? Letters to advice columnists- sometimes referred to as Aunt Agony Letters, or by popular advice columnist names such as Dear Prudence or Dear Abby letters- are letters every day people write, mostly anonymously, to people on the payroll of a publication. The publication will print some of those letters, as well as the columnist's response. Nowadays, these publications might be magazines, or newspapers but they are just as likely to be online. And the array of topics covered is staggering. Emily Post might tell you about etiquette, while Cosmo has advice on one's sex life. Dear Abby seems to specialize in complicated personal relationships and you'll find there are advice columnists kids write to, businessmen write to, the happy, the sad and the confused all write to.

Dear Abby, letter, writing, newspaper, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, If you have an issue troubling you, consider if an advice columnist is the right person to turn to. There may be someone in your life that has the power to help you change the situation, or who may be going through the same thing. If the situation is life threatening for you or another person, see if there are  people, or groups that can more directly be of aid. If a columnist is the right choice for you, consider which columnist fields questions with similar topics to the one you have, what types of responses they give, and how qualified they are to be giving that advice. For example, the Rolling Stones featured an "Ask Dr. Ozzy" column where people often wrote to Ozzy Ozbournre about personal and health issues. his responses are often humorous, rather than practical and he himself stresses that he is no doctor. If one wants a fun way to look at things to lighten the mood- "Dr. Ozzy" might be the way to go. If one was looking for serious medical advice, another columnist- or better yet a doctor's office- might be the better bet. Lastly, when looking at what advice column to write to, consider if you want a reply. Sometimes writing out a problem can be therapeutic enough, but if one truly desires a reply, check to make sure that the publication you considering sending in a letter to replies to all letters regardless of whether they are published or not. For example, Deirdre of the Sun always replies to letters. Dear Abby had one day a week that even boasted one day turn around, meaning if your letter got to her on a Tuesday, a reply would be in the mail the next day (if the letter arrived on another day it might take several days for her or her staff to reply, but she did). Some publications are so undulated with letters though, they are not able to reply to them all.  If the situation is very serious though, most do try to reply.

The next step is writing the letter itself. Unlike most letters, an advice letter is very informal with no need for a date, just start with "Dear So-and-So..." and explain the issue that is bothering you and what you want advice on. While most publications do reserve the right to edit a letter- which they might  do in order to cut the length for publication, or to preserve privacy- try to be as clear and concise as you can. After all, these columnists and their staff receive a lot of letters each day; be respectful of their time. If you want honest feedback, be honest with yourself about what the situation is, your feelings about it, and any other critical factors. Lay out all those relevant facts. Lastly, though this is unlikely to be an issues, especially since publications do try to edit to preserve privacy, you can be proactive  if you are worried about protecting others' privacy and/or yourself against allegations of libel or defamation of character. Use initials, or fake names for people, places and other identifying details. End by asking your question and thanking the columnist for their response. lastly, you would close with a benediction. While "sincerely" is always appropriate, many letters to advice columns close using a benediction or pseudonym based on their predicament, such as "Confused, In Austin" or "Sincerely, Heart-broke Heartthrob."
aunt agony, advice, letter, writing, newspaper,

Most publications will provide an address and any relevant instruction on how to send a letter to them in their publication or online. After you send off your letter, keep an eye out for a response. Most publications do try to contact you before publishing your letter (so do write down your contact information on the envelope or even on the letter itself!). These publications will also honor the wishes of any who do not want their letter made public, so if you don't want it to be published, you can mention it when they ask, or up front in your letter.

While these columnists do often offer good advice, it is important to remember that they're in the business of selling papers (or magazines or page views as the case may be). They are meant to be entertaining. As Deirdre points out, though she and her staff all have training and aim to help their readers, "All agony aunts... wanted a story, a drama, what was the personal feeling rather than justifying a problem." So have fun, get good advice, but take it with a grain of salt!

For further reading, look here:
Advice Columns (on Wikipedia)
The Sun's Dear Deirdre Reflects on a Life in Letters in the Guardian
Words of Wisdom: Best of Dear Abby on the Daily Beast
Dear Deirdre FAQs


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What I Wore: American Girl

popbasic, stripes, red stripes, black blazer, shorts, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
popbasic, stripes, red stripes, black blazer, shorts, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
popbasic, stripes, red stripes, black blazer, shorts, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
What I Wore: Shirt (Popbasic), Shorts (Gap), Shoes (Old Navy), Necklace (Popbasic; Similar Here), Blazer (Similar Here), Purse (Similar Here)

There is just something so... classic, so "All American" about a red and white striped shirt, and that feeling just amplified when I paired it with this new purse. To keep things from getting too Fourth-of-July-esque, I toughened the look up with a blazer and chain necklace.

You know, it's funny, but I never feel particularly patriotic unless I'm somewhere else. Same thing with State Pride. I go somewhere else and will listen to country music- normally background noise and definitely not the first thing I turn the radio dial to- in order to be less homesick.

Still, it's the funniest thing, but you find hints of The West in the oddest places. Everywhere I've been has had them. We've found Buffalo Bill toys in toyshop in the Alps (Buffalo Bill founded my hometown), street performers dressed as cowboys in Rome, Tee-pees in Paris, a western wear shop in Prague, and in London one of the museums had photographs by Ken Blackbird, local photographer who I'd even met. Maybe that's true to everyone in this world of ever increasing globalization, and you can always spot a bit of home no matter where you travel.

Speaking of globalization, if you're reading this, where all do you call home?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dog Eared Page: Junkyard Wonders

That day, Mrs. Peterson could see that we were badly shaken. 

Gibbie finally spoke up. "Mrs. Peterson," he said, "we're all junkyard kids, even though you try to make us feel better about it. We're throwaways, junk, and everyone knows it."

"Oh, my dear, that's where you are wrong," she said wistfully. "Everyone of you is my wonder!... Don't you realize what a junkyard really is?"

"A place for things that nobody wants," Jody answered.

"Oh, it is a place of wondrous possibilities! What some see as bent and broken throwaways are actually amazing things waiting to be made into something new. Something unexpected. Something surprising."
- The Junkyard Wonders by Patricia Polacco

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Subscription Boxes: The Reading Edition

The school year is just around the corner and whether you're heading back to hit the books or not, the nostalgia for freshly sharpened pencils and the new-book smell is contagious. Get your reading and writing fix taken care of by one of these innovative subscription services! 

subscription service, box, mail, book, reading, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
Book Riot is a site all about books- talking about them, sharing them, loving them. And now, they are sharing that bibliophilia even more with The Riot Read. What is it? Well, in their own words, "One of the great pleasures of being a reader is stumbling across something unexpected. Something that we might not have picked up on our own, but for some reason we grabbed it….and then it grabs us. That’s what The Riot Read does. Every month, for about the price of a new hardcover from your local bookstore, we’ll send you a great book." The subscription is thirty dollars a month and will include a surprise book. Most books will be fiction, but could be from any of a wide variety of genres. The only stipulations, according to the site, is that it is a good read), a letter explaining the choice, and there's always the chance of some extra, fun goodies too. On their site they will write and record even more original content about the Book of the Month. Think things like author interviews, live chats, reviews and more!

This subscription service is a steal at only eleven dollars a box. Each month Pennie Post will send you three stationary items, such as  greeting cards, postcards, notecards and gift tags. All items are made exclusively for Pennie Post, so you won't these darling designs anywhere else. You can choose to order a one, three, six or twelve month subscription.
Subscription service, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, mail, service, letter, card,

New from the country's largest independent bookstore, Powell Books, comes a subscription box that's, well, indispensable, to a book lover. This subscription service, Indispensables, ships every six weeks, in order to send you valuable, quirky, unique books. Powell's makes a special effort to share books from independent publishers, and you can expect the books to have especially unique aspects. Things like signed first editions, original sets. and exclusive printings are common items in Indespensibles. The company tries to share their main item/book pick for each box, but you're getting more than just one book when the box ships. You can also expect exclusive author interviews and other writings about the work, as well as other items including possibly other books, edible goods and totes for carrying even more books. Basically, it is like mini-independent bookstore is being delivered to you door step for thirty-nine dollars a box; you never know what you'll find, but it is sure to intrigue.
Subscription box, service, mail, letters, cards, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
Another subscription box for a lover of letters. Nicely Noted sends you three letterpress cards a month for twenty dollars a box. Though a little pricey for cards, Nicely Noted is curated to bring you exposure to new designers and companies in the stationary world, and make sure you always have a card on hard when you need it.
The staff at famous bookstore R.J. Julia Booksellers really want to make sure you get the book that's right for you- whether you can make it to their store or not! They provide subscription services where the books are chosen especially for you- no one size fits all. You can customize based on who the reader is from the age (adult, teen, child, and baby readers all have options) to their genre interests (Options are so varied I won't even try to list them). You can decide how often you want to get books; while each subscription lasts a full year, you can decide if you want books monthly (12 books), bimonthly (6 books) or quarterly (3 books). You can even specify if you'd prefer hardcover, paperback or a mixture. All of these factors do effect price, and since you are paying for a year's worth of books there can be some sticker shock, but in fact it is cheaper than most bookstores! Once you've made your selection about what type of subscription you want, you get to customize further with a short survey to get a better idea of the types of genres, story lines, and interests the reader enjoys. Part of the reason they do this is to make sure it is a book you love, and if you don't love the book, you can return it with a prepaid mailing package in order to exchange it for a book you will adore. Go on and take a look- you're bound to find something for a reader you know (like yourself!)

P.S. Don't see a box you like? Then check out my other lists of subscription services to try, and reviews here

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What I Wore: Back to School

leather skirt, pleather, vegan leather, no skirts, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, school,
leather skirt, pleather, vegan leather, no skirts, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, school,
leather skirt, pleather, vegan leather, no skirts, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, school,
What I Wore: Skirt (Popbasic; Similar Here), Shirt (Popbasic), Shoes (Old Navy)

I'll be honest- my eyes are drooping just trying to keep them open long enough to type this- and the kids haven't even arrived yet! But it's the middle of September! Why hasn't school started for you?! I can almost hear you asking. Well, school has started; my program starts a few weeks after school starts and I use the time between when the kids start school and when they start coming to me to get needed testing and meetings done. Don't think I'm not the busiest worker bee though- it's been a-go, go, go! 

That's why having things easy to pair together is good. These two Popbasic items work well for that. Used to be, I'd shy away from wearing an outfit that relied so heavily one brand, but this skirt and that shirt? Match made in closet-heaven, perfect for my tired brain to try. And, since the company only releases three items at a time, it is rare to see Popbasic items from different collections together, so it doesn't feel quite so uncreative. Or at least that's what I told myself  when I wore this for the first day back at school too!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Cinema Style: Three Coins in the Fountain

Legend says that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, you will return to Rome. It is around this premises the film Three Coins in the Fountain (See full review here), revolves. But really, that's just an excuse for seeing the sites of the Eternal City in enduring style with clothes like these. 
dress, yellow, dot, three coins in the fountain, sun hat, movie, film, fashion,

Anita attends a family party, taking part in a forbidden office romance. Her outfit is beautiful yet casual enough for her outdoor surroundings. Yellow and polka dots add a sense of fun, and work surprisingly well with an orange bolero and gold accessories. Keeping a sun hat and thick heels also help her handle herself in the seep hills of the Italian countryside. 
movie, still, film, rome,
When Anita later meets up with her new love interest, she's still well dressed in a green wiggle dress, but keeps things casual with the accesories. A trench coat and flats are not only simple and chic, they are practical for traversing across the cobblestones of Roma. Add just a touch of 50s glamor with retro sunglasses and earring for a final touch. 
film, movie, 3 coins in the fountain, rome, fashion, green, popbasic,
Dress, Coat, Shoes, Earrings (Similar Here), Sunglasses (Similar Here), Purse

Thursday, September 4, 2014

What I Wore: At the Turning of the Seasons

bridge, mountains, subdued, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
PicMonkey Collage
bridge, grey, gray, black, outfit, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
What I Wore: Sweater (Similar Here), Pants (White House | Black Market), Shoes (Old Navy),  Scarf (Target; Similar Here), Necklace (Popbasic)

I mentioned we spent a day bumming around Billings (our "Big City") this past weekend, but on Sunday, we took the opposite route and headed to the mountains. Mother Nature was actually a bit , well, confused let's say- we got sun, we got rain, we got snow, we got sun and rain together- a little of it all.

The rain was a bit of a bummer, but the moments after rain almost make up for it. Standing at the top of the world seeing the clouds descend- both above and below you- shrouding rugged peaks leaves you striped down, in state of numinous awareness. I always feel  badly for showing you photos of mountains because they are so small- nothing quite captures the enormity of a mountain, nor the surreal feeling one gets looking at mountains; there is always painterly quality to the mountains, but   it is no painting. It is real.  And then there is nothing quite like the smell of the mountains after rain. It's called petrichor for those looking for a vocabulary lesson- the scent of the air after rain.

I know fall gives way to winter, but the rain makes me want to dress to match the weather, and so you get the subdued black and grey with little int he way of frills but a lot in terms of impact. Do you like the rain?

P.S. My perfect day in the mountains

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stationery Wishlist: For the Birds

owl, scissors, stamps, birds, feathers, mail, stationary, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,

1. Owl Card | 2. Feather Card Holder | 3. Envelope Template | 4. Flamingo Phone Case | 5. Return Address Stamp | 6. Owl Scissors 

1. Owl Card - This card is a Hoot!

2. Feather Card Holder - Store all those bussiness cards in style. After all, birds of a feather... 

3. Envelope Template - Got an artistic side? Create your own envelopes from creative materials when using this envelope template. 

4. Flamingo Phone Case- Think PINK and get a flamingo phone case. 

5. Return Address Stamp- gorgeous return address stamps made my the artesian. 
 6. Owl Scissors - Aren't these the neatest scissors you've ever seen? I'm not sure I'd even cut with them. Just sit and admire the pair of scissors. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What I Wore: On My Birthday Weekend

hat, scarf, popbasic, striped shirt, birthday, never fully dressed, withouastyle,
hat, scarf, popbasic, striped shirt, birthday, never fully dressed, withouastyle,
hat, scarf, popbasic, striped shirt, birthday, never fully dressed, withouastyle,

What I Wore: Shirt (Popbasic), Jeans (Gap), Shoes (Modcloth), Hat (Similar Here), Scarf (Similar Here), Belt (Similar Here), Bracelet (Popbasic; Similar Here)

Downsides to being born on Labor Day Weekend: No one was around to go to your birthday party as a kid. Not even if it was princess themed. It is you and dad (such a good sport) in Princess birthday hats. Also- it is so early in the school year, you are never clear on the cupcake rule. Can you bring them?

Upsides though are... pretty much everything else. Yor birthday is a three day weekend. Or, rather- to cut the second person narrative here- my birthday is. And my sweet Boy insisted we celebrate it all weekend. Mostly, things were fairly low key- they were things we might do any weekend, but all in a single weekend together. So Saturday we hit the Big City where the overcast weather was made to seem atmospheric because we were sipping on hot chocolates in a cafe. This is what I wore. A bit Diane Keaton feeling, I think. Perfect for what filled much of the rest of the day- strolling through the Farmers' Market (with the dogs! Max was a little overstimulated with all the different food smells but they did well), and book-browsing.

The next day was even better thanks to all my incredibly thoughtful friends becoming partners-in-crime with The Boy to bring about surprises- surprise packages appearing out of nowhere and surprise visitors! All your thoughtfulness (yes, you. This is no second-person narrative this time) made my 29th birthday one of the very best I've had. Thank you for that <3

Monday, September 1, 2014

In September, Why Don't You...

werner wittsheim, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, why don't you, september, list,
Photo Credit: Werner Wittsheim
Start a new job

Read a book in the bath

Buy a potted plant

Create a pinhole camera

Pen a friend a letter

Take a drive through the mountains

Get a manicure- and try a new hue!

Clean your carpets

Put decals on your keyboard

Go on a picnic

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