Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stationery Wishlist: Fashion Edition

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1. Vanity Card | 2. Brass Holder with Colored Pencils | 3. Small Object Stamps | 4. Personalized Paper Dolls | 5. Andy Warhol Fashion Stationary (from MoMA) | 6. Bad Girls Throughout History Postcard Set | 7. Jeanne Skinny Notebook (from Hilda Glasgow)

1. Vanity Card- This card picturing a beauty operator's vanity is a cheery way to say hello to someone far away! 

2. Brass Holder with Colored Pencils - This brass pencil holder practically screams chic, and with those colored pencils, who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired to draw up some outfit designs of your own!

3. Small Object Stamps- You can be the fashion creator with these fun stamps. 

4. Personalized Paper Dolls- Wouldn't this be the most darling surprise to send to a friend?! 

5. Andy Warhol Fashion Stationary (from MoMA) This stationary set has fashion images drawn by Andy Warhol, but let's you be part of the design when you choose where to place these images on the paper- Fashion-forward and artistic. 

6. Bad Girls Throughout History Postcard Set- Who could resist awesome women beautifully designed? Plus, with National Women's History month just around the corner, why not stock up and send some of these to your lady friends across the country to remind them- and you- how awesome women can be?

7. Jeanne Skinny Notebook (from Hilda Glasgow) Tall and slender, this notepad will look lovely resting on your desk or can slip into your purse when you're on the go! On the cover is a vintage fashion design by Hilda Glasgow to make it extra chic. 

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