Friday, August 30, 2013

Month In Review: August 2013

August has definitely been a month for sharing memories- at least here on Never Fully Dressed! Between sharing about the wedding, the honeymoon and several other summer-fun activities there's been a lot to remember. Here's hoping you enjoyed hearing about it all as much as I've loved to share it with all of you.

Outfits to Remember

Pussy-bow Shirt | Green Gingham Skirt | Polka Dot Shirt

Movies to Remember

NFD was in the thick of a hectic summer, so we've only caught one flick this month, but with a film as memorable as How to Marry a Millionaire, who needs more?

Days to Remember

Getting to share the memories and details of both our wedding and our honeymoon to Paris has been like getting to live them all over again! In fact, it is scientifically proven that sharing and recalling memories of a happy time increases your present happiness too (sometimes to even higher levels the event itself did)? You've all made me very happy by reading along. 

Never Fully Dressed also got to share several new things. First, a new series called Q+A made its debut with its first two installments (here and here). Each Q+A, several different bloggers all answer the same, single question. Hope you're reading along, finding new must-read blogs, and learning more about old favorites. This months I also shared my birthday wishlist, as well as 10 ways to Beat the Wardrobe Blues. Have you tried any of these out? Never Fully Dressed can also be found on Flipboard, the new app and computer site where you can make and subscribe to online magazines. See Never Fully Dressed there as well as Flock Together. 

Last but not least, I turn 28 tomorrow! Another year, another milestone, eh? 


Finds to Remember 

 Ashley of Southern California Belle shared the gender of that little bundle of joy they're expecting!

Have you seen this delightful illustration series? Creature Types celebrated a Year of Cat Gurls this month.

George Saunders' gives a speech advising to be kinder.

How to rob a casino (and get away with it). Oh my! 

Two friends decide to try dating one another as an experiment to overcome their relationship issues; sounds like a recipe for a bad rom-com, right? But it is real life with 40 Days of Dating.  (and now, maybe also will be a motion picture too).

Loving both the outfit and words of The Belated Bloomer.

This fills me with love:  A Return to Reading.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding Reception

Our fourth and final installment of wedding photographs, ending with our reception. To see more about our retro wedding click here! 


Nothing says festivities like a parade! Since we chose to do our photographs before the wedding, we were able to go directly from the ceremony to the reception hall. With only a block between the two locations, we all paraded down the street.


Our LOVE sign is actually made of foam core and poster board using the tutorial found here. Our cake was Strawberry and "Italian Creme" from Harper and Madison. Isn't the retro topper adorable? Since it was an afternoon reception, cake was the main foodie attraction, but we also served mini hamburgers and had a bar for more sustenance, catered by The Geyser Brewing Co.

For those of you who didn't realize, The Husband and I have been taking dance lessons since we started dating, and chose the "retro" theme based in part on this fact. As you can image, we were pretty excited to cut a rug as man and wife. We chose the upbeat "Take My Heart" by Chris Isaak, doing the country two-step before segueing into the Single Lindy. Showing off? Maybe, but our dance instructors and fellow classmates (those behind us in the below photo) seemed to like it! We also each danced with a parent (father-daughter dance followed by mother-son). Doesn't The Boy and his mom look so cute? Gwen is adorable; I'm very lucky to have them in my life now.

Decorations were my favorite part of planning. It was very DIY and a community effort. We used our postcard centerpieces and coke-bottles-turned-vases with balloons and tulips to decorate the tables. Guests were then able to take the flower/bottle/balloon combo home with them as a token of our thanks. We also used painted ice cream parlour chairs at the head table, and similar furniture throughout. The gift table was darling with vintage suitcases (lovingly supplied by a friend! Thanks Shannon!) for keeping any cards in, a Red Rocket wagon held a DIY String Heart (made by my father-in-law), and the guestbook was this matted image of the portrait we commissioned from Rachel and framed by friends. Rachel's artwork showed up several other places in the wedding too, including on our programs and an instruction poster. We also had a Casablanca poster on display. It was Amos' first gift to me, but it had another purpose too. We'd chosen to go low-key with the reception hall, and had booked the local auditorium. It had a fifties feel to it, so rather than stress us, it added to the ambiance. The large stage felt a bit barren though, so we projected the movie Casablanca onto its back wall, and it played silently throughout. Its always been my favorite film, but it holds special meaning to us;  the first film we showed as a movie in the park (when The Boy threw me a surprise birthday party shortly after we had started dating) was Casablanca. He's such a sweetie, right?

Besides dancing and a movie, the other big entertainment for our guests was this fantastic photo booth, built by The Boy from scratch! It was actually being built as something work-related, but its inaugural use was right here. It worked by touchscreen and the photos popped out the back!

I think it's safe to say everyone had a blast, but the pictures speak for themselves on that account. Instead, I'll just close saying a huge thank you to all of you who helped make this day so special, and who were celebrating with us whether in spirit or in person. Thank you.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wedding Ceremony

I was told that- at the end of the day- it doesn't matter if the church burnt down, it will still be a perfect wedding if you end up married to the guy waiting at the end of that aisle. Well, thank goodness the church didn't burn down (Not sure Pastor Karen would have felt quite the way my well-meaning advice-giver did), but it is true. I truly felt our wedding was perfect, because I stood up before God and vowed to be with this man forever.


We chose to get married in the Cody Methodist Church, our new congregational home (we'd previously gone to the Methodist church in the town I'd been living in). The pastor of our old church had originally been contacted to marry us, since due to some scheduling issues our new one was unsure about dates. But as it turned out, we were "doubly blessed" so to speak, because they were both there to help marry us. It was a smaller ceremony, but so powerful to know the room is filled with people who love you and almost all of them had known either Amos or I since we were children.

 Above you can see My father checking on the time and crowd before the ceremony, my mother being taken to her seat, and my sister waiting her turn to walk down the aisle. Then there's our niece Susie as flower girl. This photo of my dad encouraging her as she starts down the aisle is seriously one of my favorites of our wedding. She took her duties very seriously. After her, of course, it was our turn. The music has all been very classic up to that point, but when Jimmy Durant'e "Young at Heart" came over the speakers, starting "Fairytales can come true/ It can happen to you...," we started walking to my own fairytale ending.

Ceremony2 Collage

Our ceremony was very traditional, but we'd elected to write our own vows. Amos had asked that the ceremony be the first time we hear or read each other's vows. He went first, and as a result I was pretty much cried through most of mine, unable to get emotions under control after his! Funnily enough, we'd both separately been super worried about remembering them all and had each spent most of the time before the ceremony silently repeating them over and over.

Instead of a union candle or other, similar ceremony we chose to make the signing of the marriage license part of the ceremony. So our Best Man and Maid of Honor, along with the pastor each took a turn signing.

After all our intents had been declared, our vows made, our rings exchanged, we kissed and were pronounced man and wife! As we were introduced to the crowd as "Mr. and Mrs. Olson" and Stevie Wonder's iconic "Signed, Sealed, and Delivered" started as we began to process out. It continued to play as Amos and I re-entered the room to dismiss the crowd by rows, therefore turning it into a de facto receiving line. It was nice to have those moments of hugs and private kind words with each person there. All the photos capturing people as they leave the church show just how much love was present in that one place!


P.S. See more about the rest of our wedding here.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Q+A: Before Summer's Gone?

 With Labor Day right around the corner and some already starting school, summer seems at an end. Of course, officially  the equinox isn't till mid-September, so perhaps it is only the beginning of the end, and a good reminder to get those last summer time activities done before it is too late. I was hoping to make a day trip to Yellowstone, but with at least three separate forest fires putting smoke into the sky, this may be something that will have to wait for next year. To get some other last, summer fun ideas, I asked several ladies about their last summer plans for this week's Q+A. What about you? What is one thing you want to do before summer is over? Share in the comments below! 


Nikki of Ginger Diaries:

I have many things I still want to do before summer fades to fall, but the most important thing on my to-do list is getting my college studio ready! For the first time in my life I'll be living on my own during the week. I have to cook my own meals, clean my own bathroom and shop for my own groceries. To be honest, this really scares me, but all the trips to Ikea I get to take are super fun! The boyfriends studio is only a few blocks from mine, so we will finally (after 4 years!) get to see each other during the week as well. It'll be a new chapter for me, one that I am lovingly preparing one ikea trip at the time!  

Jessica of Midwest Muse:

For me, summer is about long day trips to other cities, reading books in the sunlight, discovering new coffee shops, adventuring in the woods, spending time with friends -- new and old, and soaking up every last drop of sunshine. This summer, I've been lucky enough to do all of these and then some. So, I think, maybe I would really love a day of absolutely nothing to do. You know? A day where I make no plans and allow the day to guide me. Those are some of the most amazing days and since I started summer school in July, I have been jam packed with events, school work, papers, and non-stop moving. A lazy day in the sun sounds like the perfect summer day to me.

photo from US National Archives

Campsite at Ohio, Or

Dus of Cuddly Cacti: 

Have a BBQ! While summertime in Phoenix is certainly not BBQ weather and I'm not looking forward to all the sweating it will entail, I am looking forward to having friends over for a BBQ, to hosting one little event before things get crazy busy with a new school year. My hubs and I have both invited close friends, class friends, and coworkers, so I'm looking forward to getting to know some people better and having lots of awesome people meet each other - it should be interesting at the least! 

Hannah of Braided Bandit: 

The one thing I was hoping to do before summer is over I am actually doing as we speak, which is taking a short road trip into the mountains for a little romantic getaway with my boyfriend! As I live in Colorado but I am not that into the typical "winter sports" here, I really wanted to make sure to take advantage of the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains while there's still no snow on the ground. So, we bought a groupon hotel deal and headed to Vail, a quaint European-inspired town designed to look like you are in Switzerland. I hope to spend the day exploring the beautiful village, do a little shopping, take some photos of course, go out to a special end of summer dinner, and maybe even ride the gondola!

Anna of Melodic, Thrifty & Chic:

I want to dance. I honestly can't think of when I have danced, this year. Other than running, dancing is the one activity that allows me to just clear my mind. I just let the bass wash over me and I move to the rhythms and feed off of the energy in the crowd. The last time I really danced was at Music Fest Northwest in Portland last Summer. Perhaps, it is that experience that I am longing for. I don't know. I just know that if I don't dance this Summer or before the end of the year, my head is likely to pop off and float into space.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wedding Portraits

Finally, here's everyone decked out, lookin' fine and feelin' great! It would probably be too tongue-in-cheek to call this the What They Wore: Wedding Edition, but that's what it is! Seriously though, I know traditional group portraits are going out of vogue, but I love having all these photos of those near and dear to us from this day. 

P.S. Don't forget to check out the rest of our wedding too, by clicking here! 


We chose our wedding colors as red, white and blue, since that felt very summery, very retro and very all American (Plus, I wanted red shoes to feel like Dorothy). For the ladies, one thing we knew we wanted was the bright petticoats peeking out, and, like any bride, hopefully a dress the girls might choose to wear again (Fingers crossed, anyway). To that end, I created a "secret" pinboard with about twenty different options of dresses as well as links to shoes and petticoats. That way all the dresses would be the right style and color family, but girls could have a bit more choice.  All my bridesmaids were also game for vintage hairstyles, with my two long-haired bridesmaids sporting beehives, and my sister, as maid of honor a cute fifties-esque bob. 

Below, my Dad is putting on the garter. Have any of you seen this wedding tradition before? My parents had it at their wedding, so we had it at ours. A little strange, but this was one of my favorite pictures. Left to right is: Susie, our flower girl; Sarah, my best friend from college; Ginger, my best friend from childhood; Danyon, my sister and Maid of Honor; and my dad, of course. 


What Sarah Wore: Polka Dot Swing Satin Dress (Altered)  What Ginger Wore: Lindy Bop Audrey Dress  What Danyon Wore: Trashy Diva Honey Dress  All: Red Petticoats (Similar here), white ballet Flats (Similar here), sunglasses, Pearls


Amos' niece Susie is seven and wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She was very serious about her  flower girl duties, and was up for any photos we wanted. Her poor arm trembled holding up my giant bouquet since this friendly fellow had hers. The dress we'd originally picked didn't arrive in time; grandma took her shopping. Adorable, right? 

Since The Boy was in a suit, we put the men in dress shirts and slacks and added a vest and tie for a more casual (and cooler!) look. All their duds came from Men's Wearhouse, which I cannot recommend highly enough in terms of service, price and choice. Why isn't there a women's equivalent?  Left to right is: Amos' brother Tyrell; Best Man Jim; and brother Caleb (Also Susie's dad!)


I also wanted to include just a few family shots, because everyone, positively everyone was looking so handsome and fine that day! Above, I love Gwen's joyful smile. Her eldest son was the last to get hitched. Waiting for the right girl, he says (Ah!). Below,  is my own family. Mom also joined into the theme and wore a petticoat? Isn't she so pretty? 

 Below is maybe my favorite photo of the day of us with our parents in the background (physically and metaphorically). They've all set such great examples of what a successful marriage looks like; I want ours to be like that too. 


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wedding: Bride and Groom

Okay, okay!  Enough teasing- here are our wedding portraits as bride and groom.  (If you want to see more wedding details click here).

We chose to have a moment for a First Look, a surprisingly giddy and intimate moment, as pictured below. There were a lot of reasons for this choice (not keeping guests waiting at a reception, more time for photographers etc.), but one unexpected one was the time. Surprisingly, there is very little alone time for a couple at a wedding; you are constantly surrounded by others. I loved getting to have time with this man before the ceremony, a steadying reminder of what I was committing to that day. 


Can we talk about the dress a moment? One of the best pieces of advice I got about wedding planning was to plan it to reflect the people you are now, not the little girl's daydreams. Choosing a tea length (and hence an entire "retro" theme) was a huge part of this. We love to dance; I knew I wanted something I could dance in, and, as this blog testifies, I am drawn to Dior's New Look aesthetic.  This gown is from David's Bridal (and designed by Oleg Cassini for them), as they were actually one of the few places to carry dresses at this length. This was the first dress I tried on, and though we looked at others, the gowns- there and elsewhere- was never the same! Its shape and twirling skirt was heavenly. Yes to the dress, indeed.

The veil was handmade by my dear friend Shannon and sat on top of what was meant to be "Veronica Lake Hair." Those statement making shoes are actually Salsa dancing shoes, though they never saw the dance floor in this case; I changed to red ballet flats for surer footing. The veil, shoes, and dress were all Something New. My garter (from etsy) was Something Blue. My necklace was originally my Great, Great Grandmother Gladwen's and counted as Something Old, along with the earrings, which were also Something Borrowed (from my mother). Both my mother, and her mother before her had worn them on their wedding days.


This man- oh, he makes my heart flutter in that suit (or, well, all the time)! He actually already owned one suit (for ballroom club), but wanted some new duds too for the wedding day.We picked this subtly pinstriped suit out from Men's Wearhouse. His favorite part though, was the shoes.

His ring came from a local jeweler; both of my rings are from Rustwedding. The diamond is a unique rose cut, which we did not see anywhere else.

Our portraits were taken at the little chapel that had originally housed the town's Methodist Church, now a quaint (and conveniently retro-looking) gallery, but we crossed back over the street to be married in the church we now are a part of.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wedding Preperation

Finally! I'm so excited to be sharing photos from our wedding with you. Most of these photos were taken by our wedding photographers, all of whom are professionals who are family friends, and who took time out of their busy summers to shoot for us. Several though (the sunglasses photo below, as well as all the photographs in the second collage), were taken by my dear friend and bridesmaid Sarah Kennett-Cromwell (who ALSO happens to be a  professional wedding photographer out of Missoula. Check her out MT brides). So a BIG, HUGE thanks to her, and to Scott Horton, Vicki Shapney and Chris Miller!


We chose to go with a retro inspired wedding, which meant big attitude, BIG hair and EVEN BIGGER petticoats! Luckily, my girls were game about getting ready quite early in the morning and liked (or at least were gracious enough to pretend to like. I'm not sure which) their beehives. I won't talk about what we were all wearing till tomorrow, when you can see it better- but I will say when considering the dress we didn't think about one important thing. How I was going to get into or out of it with hair and make-up done? In the end, I had to step into it and put the petticoat on last. Awkward! But made us all laugh.

P.S. To see more about our wedding, click here!

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