Monday, December 16, 2013

Bouqs Flower Company Review

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This is nothing so charming, so likely to enrich you day-to-day life and make you smile as flowers in your home. I know some big cities have flower markets, but for most of us, flowers are a more rare treat.

That was why, when the Bouqs Flower Company approached me about receiving and reviewing their floral services, I knew it was a must! They are a rather unique online floral business. They have a very limited (curated!) selection of bouquets for customers to buy from. Bouqs doesn't believe in the fuss and added expense of guilt-tripping the customer into decided whether they want extra ribbons, extra filler, a teddy bear, balloon or what have you. They believe in beautiful, fresh flowers at affordable prices. All bouquets from this company start at forty dollars. Most of the time a standard bouquet is a dozen flowers, but the number can increase (usually for spray flowers) or decrease (usually for larger blooms like Ranunculus). However, you can double the amount of flowers for only ten dollars more and QUADRUPLE the number of flowers for only only thirty more than that; so a doubly large bouquet would be fifty dollars and their largest offerings are seventy dollars. This includes the cost of shipping, no matter where you are in the United States. All flowers are grown by the company themselves in two different locations- from a South American farm and from one in southern California. Flowers grown out of country will take six days to make it to your door, because they must go through customs. Flowers from their California farms can get to you overnight, and you can easily shop by flowers' growing locations on their website too.  No shipment comes with a vase, which is a plus to me as  I think vases add to the cost, especially when everyone already seems to have a ton of vases.
White, Ranunculus, Bouqs, flower company, online flower, review, product review, Never fully dressed, without a style, withoutastyle,
Bouqs only cut what they sell and the flowers are sent directly to you- talk about fresh! This way, because the locations are both sunny and warm, they can ensure fresh flowers, not hothouse plants. Plus, this company uses energy efficient means to run their company and ensure all their workers have living wages, places to send their kids to school, and health insurance. To me, a company that treats its employees right as well as its customers is important!

Knowing all of these facts just made me more excited to try out the company, but would it live up to the hype? This story has a happy ending- the company totally lives up to its reputation.

 I chose to get a double sized bouquet of white Ranunculus blooms, thinking they'd feel fresh but Christmasy in white. Since these flowers are grown out of the country, I'd had to wait for them to arrive. When you order your flowers from Bouqs, you can choose the day of the delivery and whether the recipient needs to sign for the flowers (so they are not left sitting on a cold stoop). Sadly, where I live doesn't allow for the signing option (FedEx's fault, not Bouqs), but I was able to pick a day I'd most likely be at home, and the flowers arrived fine. As you can see, they come very securely wrapped, and with very clear instructions on the box. The first day the blooms seemed small. Overnight they opened up much more fully, so much so I had to get a larger vase to give them more breathing room. I think it seems very typical that shipped flowers might take a day to start looking their best, especially since we are experiencing such cold weather here. The first day, I was a little bummed that there wasn't more greenery and had considered going to get some more (maybe pine branches to keep with the season). So glad I didn't! The next day I even took out some of the greenery to make room for everything! These people clearly know what proportions to send. My bouquet looked great for the first three days; started to look a little peaked by day day four, which might have been due in part to its' journey in such bitterly cold temperatures as they were delivered to my house.

White, Ranunculus, Bouqs, flower company, online flower, review, product review, Never fully dressed, without a style, withoutastyle, Basically- the company was easy to work with when ordering, everything shipped fine, and the flowers are beautiful. So would I recommend this to you?

Well, personally, I like shopping from local florists since they are local businesses. But I'd still recommend using Bouqs, especially if you want to give flowers to someone far away and especially if you don't know of a good florist already (as with any small business industry, some florists are great to work with and others have horrible customer service). Here's why I'd recommend using Bouqs- They are easy to use, and the flowers are fresh (some florists order arrangements from larger companies which means the flowers might sit in a warehouse). Plus, the prices are pretty great- especially if you double  the size of your order. Where else could you get 24 red roses for only fifty dollars?! I like that they don't fuss with vases or balloons or such (the only time I think a you might want a vase is if the flowers are for a funeral service or they are going somewhere like a hospital where there might not be vases handy). Plus, Bouqs has gorgeous flower choices!

Would you try Bouqs? What bouquet do you like the best from them?


  1. What pretty flowers! I would definitely try them. Although it's always better to buy locally, when you're sending flowers to people out of state I've found it's super hard to find a florist that isn't linked to the national chains. I like their packaging :)

  2. Aw, this is so nice! Especially during the colder months when we can't get fresh flowers so easily.


  3. I just spent the last couple minutes getting sucked into perusing the gorgeous blooms on their site....I love that Lush Us one. When I do purchase flowers online I would definitely consider purchasing from them.

  4. I will never order from them again. I gave them an honest try the first time was for my anniversary I ordered 12 roses. I waited patiently for them to arrive when they arrived they were not roses but Hydrangeas. I not sure if you have seen Hydrangeas but they are a puff ball flower that all be it some of them are beautiful these were not. They did give me a credit for it because hello not what I ordered. So I tried again I spent 70 dollars this time for 3 dozen roses for Valentines day. I know how busy Valentines day is so I ordered them on the 14th of January. I thought there should be no problem well the Monday before that i still hadn't received tracking for the flowers so I emailed them because you can't call. I got an email back saying they are being shipped and will be there on time. Well after 2 days of nothing I finally got an email saying not to be worried that fedex was having a system issue but would be delivered on time. I still haven't received a tracking number at this point. So I emailed again they said its been sent out and will be delivered on time. Needless to say the flowers weren't delivered on time and I had to buy flowers last minute that cost me over a hundred dollars because of the rate hike do to people not planning. Now they want to say it was due to weather when that had and want to give me a store credit. they have ruined 2 special days for him in the last 6 months no way i would trust them again.

    1. This was very disappointing to hear, Mike! I'm so sorry to hear your order didn't come!


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