What I Wore: At the Library

Thursday, September 12, 2013


What I Wore: Skirt (c/o Shabby Apple; sold out, Similar Here), Camisole  and Shoes (Old Navy), Crochet Cardigan (Forever 21/old), necklace (heirloom; great, great grandmother's)

Time and again, I'm reminded that blogging has had the unexpected side effect of making me appreciate nature more. In this case, we've been noticing the changes in the sun's movements as it shifts more southerly, rises later, and sinks earlier each day. The later sunrises can actually be some of the best light for photos (as last year's September posts prove!) It is so funny though. All summer we kept saying "such and such a place really needs to be a dawn shot for the light to work," and when a dawn shot comes along, we couldn't remember any of those places! Lesson learned- make more lists!

In the end, we stumbled on this pond. It's man-made, and actually sits next to the local library. Several years ago, county tax money was put forward for several local projects and this was one. The result is the most gorgeous library I've ever been in. Hmmmm.... I should go check out books today! There's a welcoming atmosphere, plenty of nooks to read in, a big section to browse new books, a whole wall of magazines, and a huge section of audiobooks and other media. There's also separate areas for both the children's section and a "teen room." It must be nice for those teens to have a section for themselves- not stuck with noisy children pulling out picture books, but having a place to hang away from adults. The adults have gorgeous areas too though- a "biblio-bistro," and several meeting rooms, plus a store section where the group "Friends of the Library" sells donated, used books.  The library  also apparently attracted some whose interests probably lie in other places than the bookshelves. We were greeted by several ducks and a stray cat came by for a morning drink!

As for this outfit- it has been in heavy rotation lately because I love the slight 50's vibe and its bright colors. How can one be uncheerful in such happy colors?


  1. Blue green and red? LOVE! That skirt is gorgeous.

    Super cute outfit. I think this is one of my favourites of yours.


  2. Gosh that is a beautiful skirt! Love how you styled it!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  3. Love that skirt! How awesome that you got it from Shabby Apple! the pattern is so fun indeed and I love your little jump in the last pic. glad you're enjoying nature more because of the blog. sounds like a great library, mostly for the stray cats. just kidding : )
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  4. That skirt! It's so lovely and I love the colors you paired here. I definitely feel like blogging opens your eyes to details taken for granted before!

  5. This skirt is AMAZING, love the gingham and the colour. It's the perfect outfit for sure, and the lighting is great )

  6. Sounds like an amazing library. I wish the city libraries were nice like that. They are typically full of homeless people and cranky librarians haha. Awesome skirt too. I love that it is green, I haven't really seen any green gingham print around.

    1. Oh, sad that some libraries are like that.

      I've really enjoyed seeing gingham in different colors.

  7. Ornate libraries kick so much ass. The best library I've been to so far is Openbare Bibliotheek in Amsterdam. Just amazing. <3 I'd love to see the fusion of a library and coffee shop. I'm sure it has been done. Actually, I think I walked by somewhere kind of like that in Portland. I'd imagine walking in, grabbing a book off the shelf and a coffee and..well..never leaving. Hehe. :D Really need something like that here! In this college town, the best we could do is open a bar called..yep, you guessed it: The Library. ;)

    Love the mixtures of textures and patterns in your outfit, by the way. The cardigan is lovely and I really dig the vintage vibes emanating from the skirt.

    So sorry I've been incredibly silent over the last two weeks. I finally got back from the wedding in Austin and I'm moving verrrrrrry slowly. Bear with me! ^_^

    - Anna


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    1. The cafe in the library is sadly never very busy when I am there, but I do love the idea of it, for sure!

      Was the wedding fun?

    2. It was probably the best wedding I had ever been to. Super simple and charming. It went very well and I miss Austin, already. I've been there multiple times, but never for as long as a few days. So, it was nice to get a good two weeks in. It's a great city. <3

  8. I'm pretty sure you live in the most beautiful place. You always blow me away with your landscapes. Money definitely well spent on the library!

    All the colors in this look are making me miss spring - the blue and the green complement each other perfectly!

  9. Loving the style of this skirt and the colors going on in the whole outfit, super cute! That pond is beautiful, a beautiful view for the library! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  10. Your library sounds pretty high - end - It's good to ahve that. I was lucky growing up because mine were pretty similar (my city had a good library system) and now I realize, living in an area where libraries are a bit more scarce, how nice it is to have good ones. And I LOVE that skirt! The gingham is perfect on you.

  11. I'd never have guessed that that pond wasn't just out in the wilderness, they did such a great job building it! And i love libraries- the one in seattle has really interesting architecture and is made out of all windows. i think i'll have to spend a day working there :) and i seriously love that skirt- every time you style it i fall a little bit more in love.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. I've seen pictures! Looks so pretty. You should go work there one day; sounds so pretty. I sometimes like to work from our library just for a change of scene.

  12. What a beautiful pond! It makes the prettiest backdrop. Kristian I just love your hair like this! I can't get over it.

  13. i really love your skirt! such a pretty outfit and pretty photos too!

  14. this outfit is perfect. This skirt is so summery and you!

  15. I'm still in love with this skirt. Green has become one of my very favorite colors and I love that you paired it with red flats. It makes me think of apples for some reason with the fresh red/green vibe :) Now when I go to the library I am just getting books for my students, but I should go in there for me sometime and read a novel or something!

  16. This skirt is so pretty and I love your red flats, darling!

    Xo, Hannah


  17. Love this skirt! Doesn't it make you want to have a picnic?
    You look so sweet and summery with your short hair.

  18. I've been checking out library books this summer. Makes me happy!


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