Friday, June 28, 2013

Month in Review: June 2013

"They say when you marry in June you're a bride all your life and the bride-groom who marries in June gets a sweet-heart for a wife."

June has been an amazing month for us, what with getting married and going on our honeymoon. But it's been pretty special for Never Fully Dressed too. Here are some things to love about June! 

Outfits to Love

Gingham Shirt | Jean Shorts | Red Dress

Mail to Love

Movie Ticket Invitations designed by my sister helped start the wedding festivities off right.. With summer time in full swing, How to Write a Postcard (The latest in the Letter Writing Series) had perfect timing, and who could forget the mail going to the dogs with this BarkBox Review? This Stationary Wishlist showed off some fun goodies for the humans too!

Movies to Love

Romance was in the air this month with these two classic films. Bringing up Baby and the Philadelphia Story pair up Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant with the film that ruined her career (but it is still a peach of a show), and the one that brought it back.

Guest Posts to Love

guestpost Collage

While I've been gone getting married and all that jazz, several fantastic ladies have taken the helm. Elana of Room 334, October Rebel, and Ashley of Souther (California) Belle all shared their own wedding guest styles. Katie of Butterfly Snapdragons gave us vintage style galore with a fabulous Hair How-To post too! 

Plans to Love

This has been a whirlwind of a month! We celebrated Dad with Father's day surprises (you can read more about my dad's wonderful style here). But of course, most of the month was taken up in  wedding preparations, and the big event itself! I have been feeling so blessed to get to be surrounded by friends and family, to see such dear faces, and most of all to be marrying this most amazing man. I'm super excited to be sharing photos of the event with you, but right now we are honeymooning in Paris. I look forward to getting to catch up with you all on our return. 
Mrs and Mr Olson

Finds to Love

I'm always complimenting people on their "effortless" looking style, but after this interesting mini-essay from Rebecca of The Clothes Horse "Against Effortlessness," it got me thinking what we really mean when we say that. What are your thoughts? Just a syntax issue or something more? 

Made my inner grammar nerd laugh.

I always love to see fellow Flock Together bloggers around making their mark on the internet. This month though, my jaw dropped seeing this gorgeous photoshoot featuringJessi of Haircut and General Attitude among other girls. 

One of my favorite parts of blogging is finding new locations to shoot in;makes me appreciate where I live more. But, bloggers, you don't have to live in Wyoming for gorgeous shots. This is a list of Outfit Photo Locations that anyone should be able to find! 

If you don't already follow the blog Rosapina Vintage, you are missing out on an Italian dream. Not only did she launch a lovely vintage-inspired clothing line, but you can see her model it while riding a bike through Turin! 

There's a lot of much tread group concerning whether fashion is a feminist issue between the ideas of vanity, body issues and "male/female constructs," but the idea of fashion as a predominately female art form is pretty interesting. What are you thoughts on the matter? 

This outfit by Hattie of Hattitude is spunky and adorable; likewise for Vintage Vixen's amazing Superman sweater!

As a teacher I'm not sure what to think of this: Should We Cut Classic Children's Stories for the Internet Generation? 

My dad's picture of my wedding shoes won some awards! Here's the photograph. Go Dad. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guest Post: October Rebel and the LBD

Hello- or Bonjour as they would say in Paris, where we're enjoying a honeymoon. While I'm gone, some of my favorite ladies have guest posts for you that will be interspersed with more regular NFD content. October Rebel is blogger whose style I feel deep kinship with. She's sharing a basic wardrobe item that can go anywhere with us- even, say, to a wedding! 




Hi! October here, from October Rebel. I was so honored when Kristian asked me to do a guest post. I wish her all the best on her wedding and honeymoon. Since she's busy with wedding stuff, I thought I might talk about what I'm wearing (as a guest) to upcoming weddings.

This is what I wore on an evening date to see the Great Gatsby the other weekend. I also wore this on a Valentine's Day Dinner Date. This dress is also for parties and for weddings. This is my Little Black Dress. My partner on semi-formal occasions. My fancy friend. It's not too formal, and not to casual. And very reliable.

Maybe it's on the outskirts of the LBD concept with its bright floral print, but it fills the same function in my wardrobe. When looking for an LBD, I recommend treating it as a small investment. It's fun to experiment with fashion, but there are times when you might need something reliable. I know there have been a few times when I found out about a semi-formal event I needed to attend at short notice. It was a relief to know I had this LBD waiting in my closet.

Do you have a reliable dress for weddings and fancy events?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Letter-Writing: Postcards

Getting mail is a ton of fun, but in an increasingly digital world, writing it can sometimes be hard. This blog post series about Letter Writing aims to make it easier. 

With summer finally here, let the travels begin! The Boy and I are currently travelling back from Paris and our Honeymoon, but I'm sure I'm not the only one off to see exotic sites this summer. The world is an exciting place with lots of neat sites, and it's only natural to want to share the experience with your nearest and dearest back home. A postcard is the perfect way to do that! 

Postcards,letter writing, mail,
And hey, even if you're not travelling they're pretty fun to get (and to send!)

Before talking about how to write a great postcard, take a moment. Picture a postcard in your head and really look at it-A postcard typically is a smallish piece of paper (usually card-stock quality). Most often 4x6 though not always,  so there is not a lot of room to write. one side of the postcard typically has an image of some sort. The other side of the postcard is where the message will go; this side is divided into two parts by a line. One the right-hand side you will put a stamp, and the address you wish to send the postcard too. On the left-hand side, many postcards have captions explaining what the image on the other side is, room for you to write, and a space should be left at the bottom for a barcode to be added. 

You've surely seen a postcard in your day; none of this is new information. Why bring it up then?

The layout of a postcard reminds the writer of several things:

  •  1) You have a picture to help tell a story (or give an idea of what to write about) 
  •  2) There is no return address; a postcard writer is not expecting a reply. 
  •  3) You do not have a lot of room to write.

What does all this mean?

  • 1) The picture is arguably is the most important part of your postcard. Unlike other letters, postcards give you visuals. When picking out postcards to send, make sure the image really helps capture what you want to say, especially if you are travelling! Some postcards will show images of the local sites (many will show several small pictures); others might have an illustrations or quote. Think not just about what you love, but what image will give your postcard recipient the best sense of your story and what they will most like. if nothing in a store is striking your fancy, don't despair! You can also make your own postcards either using services like Postigram or DIYing your own.

  • 2) Postcards don't include a place for return addresses because they are (most often) sent while travelling. Travelers will not often be a one place long enough to get much mail. What this means though, is when you are writing it is a bit different than your typical personal correspondence. Don't ask questions; you won't get the answers in a reply. This doesn't mean you need to focus on you, you, you though. The picture gives you a great starting topic. Why did you pick that picture out? What funny incident happened, or which sites have you seen? 

  • 3) You do not have a lot of room to write- so make your words count. Especially if there is a caption on the postcard explaining the picture, make sure you are not redundant. Focus on the personal aspects of your travels, things they can only get from you, as opposed to a travel show. What was your reaction to the trip? What did someone say? What did you joke about, or what was frustrating (though, in general, stay away from too many negative things/ You do not have a lot of room, so you will likely come off as whiny. Keep to the positive). Also, keep your handwriting neat because smaller writing is harder to read. 

A few more great things to remember: 

  • Postcards take less postage (at least when mailing domestically!). So while you can certainly put a first class stamp on it without a problem, consider getting a cheaper postcard stamp! 
  • Stamps can be pretty; get one to help tell your story, especially if the card is going out of country.

Looking for more tips on writing a great postcard? Try these articles:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guest Post: Katie of Butterflies love Snapdragons

Hello- or Bonjour as they would say in Paris, where we're enjoying a honeymoon. While I'm gone, some of my favorite ladies have guest posts for you that will be interspersed with more regular NFD content. Katie of Butterfly Loves Snapdragons is a vintage-loving lady with miles of style. Her hairdos are to die for, and luckily, she's going to be sharing a hair How-to with you. Thanks Katie!

Why hello there lovely readers! My name is Katie and I blog over at Butterfly Loves Snapdragons. I am so happy to be with you while Kristian is off and hopefully having a grand time. How exciting!

Today I thought I'd share a little hair tutorial with you. This is one that could be perfect for a summer wedding, or just for a fun everyday style! A vintage pompadour is really perfect for any occasion, in my opinion :)

The following items are what I used to create this style. Just some basic items that most people already have (or should have) in their hair wardrobe. If you don't have the wave clips, you can do without them for this style, but I recommend having them in your kit anyway-they are great for a lot of things!

Start with just your basic hair. I washed mine the night before, but this style can work with days-old hair also, it hides things well!

The first thing I do with any vintage style is to section my hair into the different pieces I want to work with. I always part my hair on the side and section off the front part. That is the part that you'll make the pompadour with, so get a pretty good sized chunk. If you have bangs, the hair will already be sectioned off for you!

 Clip back the side sections of your hair so they are out of the way. Take a boar bristle brush (or comb,etc) to backcomb a bit of volume into your hair. This will help your hair stay voluminous all day, and not fall flat as you wear it.

Once you have the back ratted a bit, pull back the front section of hair wherever you'd like the pouf to be-either straight back, or to the side, etc. As you pull back, twist the hair a bit. This will help the hair stay in place and also add some volume to your style. Brush the front lightly so that it is smooth.  Secure with bobby pins, crossing them over one another for hold.

Once your pompadour is secured, take the side sections of your hair and pull them towards the back, twisting slightly as you pull them. This will help the hair to stay in place when you bobby pin them. Pin the hair on the edge of the twist and use a few until it feels secure. 

If you'd like to leave your hair down, stop at this step and brush your hair out so that all the snarls are gone! You have a fun, daytime look :)

If you're wanting to put your hair up, just pull the back section of hair into a pony and wrap around into a low bun/chignon. 

Secure with clips, bobby pins, or ponytails-depending on your hairtype. Make sure to secure the entire style with hairspray if needed!

You'll look cute as a button for sure! Do any of you have summer weddings or events to attend? Come visit me and let me know if you try this style! I'd love to see :)

 God Bless!

Monday, June 24, 2013

We Got Hitched!

Mrs and Mr Olson
Well, we did it- We got hitched! And I couldn't be happier. You are a most amazing man, Amos Moses Olson, and I am proud to be starting a family, a life with you.

We're off to our honeymoon tomorrow (Paris! Can't you believe it?!) but don't worry. I've got a few more great guest posts lined up for you as well as a several other fun posts to round out the month. Happy June to you all. Can't wait to share with you photos from our beautiful day and this amazing trip we're about to take. "See" you all then. <>

P.S. These amazing portraits were made for us by Rachel of Floral Prints and Common Sense. Check out her Etsy shop, The Floral Prince, where she sells custom portraits like these, as well as other art! Thanks Rachel!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Post: Ashley of Southern (California) Belle

While I am getting hitched and then enjoying a honeymoon, some of my favorite ladies have guest posts for you that will be interspersed with more regular NFD content. Ashley of Southern (California) Belle has a love of color that is obvious in her lady-like style. Thanks for sharing some wedding-wear ideas with us, Ashely! 

Hi there!  My name is Ashley and I blog over at Southern (California) Belle.  I was more than honored when Kristian asked me to do a guest post while she is off getting married.  Seriously, I'm so excited to see her wedding pictures!  Although I'm not going to be there on the big day, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about what to wear to a wedding.  These days it seems like everyone I know is walking down the aisle so I have plenty of examples of past wedding outfits. 

The last wedding I went to was just a few weeks ago.  It was hosted in the most beautiful historic sub station in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.  Since it was insanely hot that day, I decided to wear a classic yet breathable cotton dress.  I actually borrowed it from Jessi, another wonderful Flock Together lady.  It happened to be the perfect fit for such a warm day.

Last year I attended a destination wedding at the Four Seasons in Kona, Hawaii.  This was definitely the most beautiful place I have ever been to!  Even though it was in October, the humidity was in full force so I chose to wear a light chiffon strapless number.  I was very comfortable and it was perfect for dancing the night away (and I never ever dance!).


Have you ever been invited to a fancy wedding and had nothing to wear?  I had that same dilemma last year when I attended a million dollar wedding in Beverly Hills.  I searched for months for the perfect dress and could never find the right one.  So I decided to have one made from scratch.  It came out just as I had expected!  I thought I was going to be a little overdressed, but it turned out I fit right in with the rest of the guests.


I love "casual" weddings.  I feel like there isn't as much pressure to buy a new dress, which is pretty important when you're on a budget.  I wore this dress to my uncle's wedding last year.  It was already a staple in my closet and was easily dressed up for a wedding.  I love it when I can get multiple uses out of one piece!


As you can see, your attire completely depends on what kind of wedding you're attending and what the weather is like.  Speaking of weather, here's a little tip I always stick by.  Even when it's hot, I always remember to bring a sweater to a wedding.  Sometimes you're unsure if the reception is inside or out so it's always best to come prepared.

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to wedding attire?  Make sure to share them in the comments below!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You're Invited!

wedding, invitations, movie ticket, postcard, never fully dressed, without a style,
wedding, invitations, movie ticket, postcard, never fully dressed, without a style,
wedding, invitations, movie ticket, postcard, never fully dressed, without a style,

The wedding is only days away; how unreal is that! I'll be honest- guests are arriving and it still doesn't feel real. But I am more than ready to make that man my family.

Here is one last sneak-peek for you all before the big day- our invitations. Wishing I could invite you all  to Wyoming for this because so many of you have become good friends just through your blogs and comments. That said, aren't these nifty?

These invitations were designed by my sister  Danyon, who is a graphic designer. She was very patient with us as we muddled through trying to explain what we wanted, and I think she succeeded marvelously at uniting several themes from our wedding, which included going to the movies, postcards, and our color scheme. The RSVP postcard even has an image of an outdoor movie screen, just like the outdoor movies we've often thrown for our friends and family. Postcards are typically printed on thicker card-stock than is generally available at stores, which we learned after seeing the rough way the postal service handled these, but they all came back in one piece! The photo was taken by my father, Craig Satterlee, as part of our engagement photos. To add a more personal touch I hand wrote the addresses.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guest Post: Elana of Room 334

Let the countdown begin! It is a mere FIVE days before we get married! But don't worry; while I am getting hitched and then enjoying a honeymoon, Never Fully Dressed will still be going strong with lots of great new content. Some of my favorite ladies have guest posts for you that will be interspersed with more regular NFD content.

First up, is the delightful Elana from Room 334. She's one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, is calm, capable, and has a great eye for unique fashion finds! Her style reflects that sweetness; her smile will brighten your day. In keeping with June and Weddings, she's sharing what to wear to wedding.  Thanks for sharing a post with us, Elana!

(Dress, belt, clutch, ring: vintage; Shoes: Steve Madden via Marshall's)

Hello there! I'm Elana from Room 334 and I'm incredibly delighted to guest posting for Kristian while she's getting married. Can you just imagine how adorable her wedding is going to be and how stunning she's going to look? I think I speak for everyone when I say that I'm literally on the edge of my seat (okay, figuratively), waiting to see photos from her special day. 

Since I can't be there in person, I thought it would be fun to do a post about what I would wear if I was lucky enough to attend Kristian's wedding. Well, that and I wanted an excuse to dress up. And since it's Kristian, of course that meant that a pretty vintage vintage dress was in order. I bought this dress well over a year ago, intending to sell it on Etsy, but I couldn't bear to give it up and ended up forgetting about it when I went back to school out-of-state. The moment Kristian and I talked about this post, I realized that this is the exact dress I would wear to her wedding. It's modest, has the prettiest colors, and is lightweight enough for a June wedding. 

Since the dress is such a standout piece, I went with muted colors for the rest. Some nude pumps and a little taupe clutch are wedding essentials for me, and I was happy to see how well they complemented the dress. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my wedding outfit of choice! Feel free to stop by my blog if you'd like to see an abundance of collars or if you'd just like to say hi! And thank you so much to Kristian for having me while she's off being a gorgeous bride!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Film Flick: The Philadelphia Story

At the end of filming  Bringing Up Baby, it seemed that Katherine Hepburn's movie career was at an end. The RKO forced her to buy out her contract, and with that she headed to New York to try out the Great White Way. Lucky for her, she was friends with the right people. One wrote a play for her, and the other "friend," Howard Hughes, bought her the movie rights before the play ever saw the curtians go up. After opening night, the play, called The Philadelphia Story, was a smash hit. Studios were looking at it as film fodder. Always a smart operator, Hepburn said nothing, letting it become apparent with time that she had control over this property. It was then she marched right into MGM offices.

"Will you do it?" was the first thing asked by L.B. Mayor, the studio head. No need to even specify what "it" was. Yes, she would do it- in exchange for getting Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy (who, at the time, she had yet to meet), to co-star.

"I don't think they'll do it."

"Ask anyway." was her dry response.

As predicted, Tracy and Gable turned down the parts, but Mayor offered her Jimmy Stewart, and her choice of director instead, and also said that she could have any man she could convince for the other male lead. Perfect. She brought in personal friend, and famous "women's" director, George Cuckor, and gave Cary Grant his choice of parts. Both had also been part of the production Bringing up Baby, and it would be Hepburn and Grant's fourth and final time paired together. What a way to go out with a bang.

Tracy Lord (Katherine Hepburn) is about to be married again! But a series of uninvited guests stir up some unexpected feelings when first her ex-husband Dexter (Cary Grant), then her woman-chasing father, then his scandals, and then journalists (including Jimmy Stewart) looking for the scandals arrive at her doorstep mere days before wedding bells are meant to ring. The journalists agree not to squeal about dirt they got on Dad in exchange for an exclusive look at this socialite event. As the entire household struggles to present them a "perfect picture,"  everyone seems to be taking turns tearing Tracy down or praising her to high heavens. An ex-husband, a husband-to-be, a father who can't remember how to be a husband, and now a certain journalist with a certain twinkle in his eye?It's an ending that might surprise you, but no matter what the journalists write up, audiences will be certain to love The Philadelphia Story. 

The film was a smash- miles away from how the trio's previous film was received.  The intelligent story and obvious chemistry between the actors all helped, but in my mind it is Hepburn that truly makes the film. In many ways, Tracy Lord is Katherine Hepburn (or rather is one of the best crystallizations of her movie persona). She's take-charge, in trousers (definitely not de rigeur fashion! In real life the studio often threatened to take away Hepburn's "dungarees!"), opinionated, and almost too intellectual, but with heart underneath that veneer. Such a strong leading lady will make audiences sure to love this, so pull up a chair and start watching!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Father's Style

Craig Satterlee, Father, Dad, style, collage, never fully dressed, without a style,

Images all from Craig Satterlee's Pinterest boards; original sources can be found there.  Images (clockwise, starting at top right): Superman comic | Tintin | The Lone Ranger | Retro Mickey Mouse | Art Nouveau exhibit poster | Norman Rockwell print | Newspaper story about the World Series | Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album cover | Lion Statue from Chatworth | Fox Terrier | 1910s photograph 

In honor of Father's day, I thought I'd talked about my dad and style. I've often mentioned that my dad has been a style inspiration to me. Not so much in the dress-how-he-dresses aspect. Whether it is from years behind a camera or just an inate asthetic, he has always steered me towards a classic, gamine style with women's fashion. But his influence on my sense of style extends far beyond that. From an appreciation of art (and photography as fine art), of history, and how the two connect, to a love of baseball and fox terriers, he's influenced me. It is thanks to him I love comics, and adventure stories as well as I like Jane Austen and Emily Dickenson. His love of classic movies sparked my own deep interests and- well, his interests are wide and varied, but really, why don't you go see for yourself? Follow him on Pinterest! Or check out his photography portfolio and maybe buy a coffee tablebook of some of his images?

Has your father influenced your sense of style too?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What I Wore: Paring Down of Style

black shirt, jean shorts, timeless, classic, paring down style, never fully dressed, without a style, summer,
Jeans, shorts, black shirt, never fully dressed, without a style, classic,
Jeans, shorts, black shirt, never fully dressed, without a style, classic

What I Wore: Shirt (Gap; old), Necklace, Purse (old), purse (H&M), Shorts (Old Navy), Shoes (Minnetonka)

I find that my everyday style (and even more so my Pinterest boards!) have started to gravitate towards a more timeless and classic style. This isn't a new topic on Never Fully Dressed, blah, blah, blah I know you've heard it all before. But part of looking timeless and classic is a move towards the more simplistic. Less is more. We hear that everywhere nowadays. Clear out the clutter; less is more. 

But is less more on a style blog? 

This outfit is, of course, what I have been wearing, so it makes sense to post it. And I love it. I feel effortless and chic. But a question for my fellow bloggers- do you ever wonder if an outfit is "blog worthy?"

Ah well, all part of the paring down of style, getting it to the most essential acspects and leaving off the rest. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stationary Wishlist


1. Postcards from Penguin (100 book jackets in one box) 2. Stamp Return Address  3. Personalized Photo Return Address Labels 4. Lined Envelope 5. TUL Rollerball Pen 6. Unlined White Paper 7. Forever Stamps (Vintage Seed Packet edition) 8. Favorite Things Pencils 9. Social Stationary Card Set

Who doesn't love getting mail? With these pretties in your desk, you'll be sure to sending enough mail to really brighten everyone's day!

1. Postcards from Penguin- I adore postcards and love books. A match made in heaven!

2. Stamp Return Address- Beautiful and useful, you'll be taking your business to a small business too.

3. Personalized Return Address Labels- We can personalize just about anything with our own photos now, so why not dress up your letters? Especially great for holiday cards or thank you notes!

4. Lined Envelopes- The minute the envelope is opened, your penpal will know how special they are.

5. TUL Rollerball pen- Ink flowing smoothly helps your thoughts flow smoothly too!

6. Unlined White Paper- Sometimes you want unlined paper, whethe for serious purposes (writing a sympathy note, perhaps), or for something fun (illustrations or maybe a spiral letter or pictionary note!)

7. Vintage Seed Packet Forever Stamps- Stamps a must, so why not pick up some pretty ones from your local post office?

8. Favorite Things Pencils- You'll be sure to get a smile every time you pick up one to write.

9. Social Stationary- Blank cards can be used for almost any occasion and with these adorable illustrations you'll be sure to be coming up with many occasions to write!

Monday, June 10, 2013

What I Wore: Pretty in Petticoats

Red Dress, Dress, Red, Petticoat, Never Fully Dressed, without a style,
What I Wore: Dress (via Flock Together), belt and sandals (Old), Petticoat (David's Bridal)

You all know I love a good petticoat, so three guess as to what I'm wearing over on Flock Together today, and the first two don't count! Want to see more of this amazing red dress? Follow the link and I'll see ya on the flip side.

Father's Day Gift Guide


I don't know about you all, but my dad is hard to shop for. If any of you are in the same boat, here's what I've come up with to make sure that not only will Dad feel loved, but he might actual use and enjoy what he's given too.

1. Tailored Shirts- Is it just me, or do men not really like the concept of trying things on before buying? Help Dad to look his best without ever having to step into a dressing room. Tailor4Less and many other online sites now allow you to affordably be able to customize a shirt- in both looks and fit- at affordable prices.

2. Subscription Box for Men- You might be looking at that picture, thinking I'm proposing to give people socks and underwear. Well, I am. Sort of. I love subscription boxes; it's a gift that keeps on giving. Luckily, there are now several good options for men, including Man Made Simple, a subscription service which sends a variety of underthings to men in your life according to their needs. Other great subscription options include Bespoke Post,  or Bombfell.

3. Tintin Chocolate Tins- My father loves Tintin. He read them as a child and introduced us to Tintin as we were growing up. These tins (and the  Belgian chocolate in side them!) are a great way to remind him of something he loves.

4. 3-in-1 Retro Pen, Post-it and Key Rest There's a born adventurer inside every man. Allow your father's to soar even when he's at his desk with this office supplies rest/holder.

5. Dean and Deluca Homestyle Barbecue Sauce- Anyone else have a grill master for a father? Add some spice to his life with gourmet barbecue sauce!

6. Leather iPhone Case Give him style and technology protection with a leather iPhone or tablet case.

7. Hatch Print Shop Poster You don't have to be a country music lover (though Dad is) to love Nashville's famous print shop and their work! Whether you get a print of one of their famous music posters or some other work, this artwork will look great on his wall.

Bonus: Let him know that you love him. That's all he really wants anyway! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Film Flick : Bringing Up Baby

It ran over-budget, over-time, and starred what critics and movie-goers were nicknaming "box-office poison." It got the director fired from RKO, and was the film that made the picture company force Hepburn to buy out her contract. So, how did Bringing Up Baby become an iconic classic and land on the America's Top 100 Films list?

Simple enough. Its a film that was ahead of its time. Does this mean, its trendy, or edgy? No. Not so much. However, it is a screwball comedy that clearly became the template for all those screwballs to follow. Kathrine Hepburn is a delight as the ditzy heiress who lovingly, gently pushes around an equally funny Cary Grant, who plays a paleontologist trying to convince her to give him a grant. A chance meeting ends in a series of misadventures, which Grant hopes will never be repeated and which, of course, are. Between hunting for clothes, for leopards, for bones, and (occasionally) the truth.... it becomes clear. Things seldom go as expected, but it's the messes that make life fun. 

In addition to it's human cast, the film also had several animal stars. George- a wire haired fox terrier- would achieve greater fame as Nick and Nora's faithful friend in the Thin Man series. But let's be real. Everyone's eyes were on the leopard. As they should be! Katherine Hepburn recounted in her memoir, Me- Stories of Myself, that Grant had been wary when working with the animal. She once hid a stuffed leopard in the vent of her co-star's room as a practical joke! She herself was fearless about it and worked so well with the animal its handlers said she could have a second career as an animal trainer. But after the animal made a lunge for her back, she changed her tune a bit! Despite the actors comfort- or lack of- when working with the great cat, most of the scenes with the leopard were actually filmed in split screen to keep the trainers close and the actors away from the animal. Puppets were also sometimes employed in giving the illusion of the animal's presence when the script called for the cat and the actors to be in close quarters. 

Surprisingly, Hepburn had never done comedy before. Director Hawks and several other members  struggled to teach her the fine art of timing. Grant, on the other hand was a veteran comedian and to further the laughs, Hawks encouraged him to model the character after silent film actor Harold Lloyd. In the end though, Hawkes felt they had failed in being truly funny, stating the film didn't work as a comedy because the characters were too "madcap" and the story lacked the  always-essential straight man. 

I'd  beg to differ; I find the film hilarious and  would recommend this to any lover of romance or comedies. The actors are rapid-firing off one liners back and forth with like a high paced tennis match. The pace can be a little tiring at times, but will keep you laughing. So what, if the initial audiences didn't get it? The twenty-first century ones will surely see a gem when they watch.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Remix: White Skirt (Or How I Got My Groove Back)

white skirt, remix, skirt, never fully dressed, without a style,
white skirt, remix, clothing, never fully dressed, without a style,
white skirt, remix, clothing, never fully dressed, without a style,

Black Sweater | Green Top and Yellow Top | Blazer | Headscarf |Grey Sweater | Cambray Top

I've actually had this ivory maxi skirt since before I've had this blog, but not, interestingly, since before I'd started reading personal style blogs.  It was one of my first purchases towards more stylish and "me" clothing.

In a previous internet obsession  I'd done a lot of photography for flickr, including a lot of self-portraits. Not the "look at the cute clothes I'm wearing!" kind either. The "Let's use photoshop to make this face look like a cyborg's!" (Not. Even. Kidding. What was I eating for breakfast, right?) But I had taken a rather basic self-portrait when we were told to include one along with a letter to the classroom we would be student teaching at. Fast forward a bit and I and my fellow student teachers all arrived at the classrooms we would be slowly taking over for the semester. One of the students looked me up and down and said "You're a lot prettier in your pictures than you are in real life."

Um. What? 

Clothes send out a message, and mine sent out the message that I did not impress even the eight year old crowd. Cue an interest in re-hauling my personal look! As luck would have it, I pulled together a professional if not-very-me wardrobe (the same student told me smugly that I had "improved"),  and a friend mentioned to me she'd begun reading these things called style blogs. Literally only days after starting to read, I saw a skirt like this and followed the links (this part of my story must make any company that advertises on blog very happy) and, well, obviously I got the skirt, and then a blog, and loved both enough to feature this midi length beauty six times!
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