Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I Wore: For San Francisco Days

ToSan Francisco Tour outfiturDay-11SanFranciscocollage2San FranciscoSanFranciscocollage1San Francisco Tour outfit

One of the absolute best decisions of the trip was Amos' insistance that we book a walking tour of San Francisco. The Real SF Tour took us through most of the major neighborhoods in the City, showing off hidden gems, such as this gorgeous lookout point on top of the San Francisco Art Institute  building (Bonus: In addition to this great view, the school's got a Diego Rivera mural on public display!).  From the narrow alleys of Chinatown to underground speakeasies, from cable cars to walking by the bay, from murals in galleries to graffiti on brick, we went through Downtown, Chinatown, North Beach, Russian Hill, Lombard St., Hayes Street, The Mission, The Castro District, The Marina and more all to end the day on a rooftop garden! Five miles were walked in all (plus the extra mile to get there to our meeting place!), plus all five forms of public transport. With all the hills people in San Francisco must be in great shape, but I wonder if all those ups and downs result in more knee surgeries? Because mine were feeling it after just one day! Totally worth it though.

As for this outfit- it was perfect for the trip. The skirt was easy to walk in and billowed out beautifully at any slight breeze making me feel, however momentarily, like a princess. I'd worried about being too hot- even with all the talk of San Francisco's so-called "Micro-climates"- but the sweater stayed on most the day. Come to Wyoming mild California weather!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week(end) Review: San Francisco in Instagrams

golden gate bridgeNorth BeachOrpheum theatre<Ghiradelli SquareThe Mission in SanfranciscoThe Painted LadiesDowntownThe BaySan Francisco (Russian Hil)Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory WorkerPier 39Golden Gate BridgeAmos and I at sailing on the BayChinatown Chinatown SignSailing under the Golden Gate BridgeIn Chinatown

Photo 1: Golden Gate Bridge
Photo 2: North Beach ||  Photo 3: Orpheum Theatre's Les Mis production
Photo4: Ghiradelli Square || Photo 5: Mural in the Mission
Photo 6: "The Painted Ladies"
Photo 7:Downtown from a rooftop garden || Photo 8:The bay
Photo 9: San Francisco near Russian Hill
Photo 10: Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory Workers || Photo 11: Pier 39
Photo 12: Golden Gate Bridge
Photo 13: Amos and I sailing  ||  Photo 14: Chinatown
Photo 15: Chinatown sign  ||  Photo 16: Sailing under the Bridge
Photo 17: Chinatown

We're back from The City by the Bay with a whole truck load of cool posts; The Boy was shooting like crazy. But first, here's the trip through my lens (that of Instagram- yeah, I'm so fancy!) Enjoy! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Film Flick Friday: Key Largo

Florida in the summertime is always hot, but its about to get just a little bit hotter when you take a trip to Key Largo. Taunt with tension, this film noir is primarily remembered as the fourth and final Bogie and Becall picture. However, when being released in 1948, it was billed as a movie with "A Cast As Explosive As Its Story." No false bragging, this film truly stands out as more of an ensemble piece where all get their chance to shine.

Key Largo casts Bogart as the cynical war veteran off to see his dead comrade's family, Becall as the friend's widow, Lionel Barrymore in one of his later roles as the wheel-chair bound hotel owner, Claire Trevor as the alcoholic mistress of a gangster, and last, but certainly not least, Edward G. Robinson (whose breakout role came in Little Ceasar ) as Johnny Rocco, the infamous gangster himself.

The Florida Keys are miserably hot in the summer, as Frank McCloud (Bogart) arrives at Hotel Key Largo, only to find it curiously full considering he's been told it was closed for the season. He's come to talk to the family of one the men who died under his command, but grief must soon take a back seat when there are dark clouds are on the horizon. A storm of fear and fury beats at the hotel doors, as not only a hurricane pounds away outside, but gangsters' guns threaten our heros from within. Despite McCloud's bald claim that "one Rocco more or less ain't worth dying for," it becomes a battle of wills and gunfire to see who will be left alive after the storm has blown through.

Characteristic of its film noir roots, Key Largo takes advantage of its "stormy" setting to create dynamic lighting and shadows effects, frequently throwing the actors' faces into harsh relief or unrevealing shadow. Personally, I found it to be one of the best noirs yet to consistantly use this lighting style to the film's storytelling advantage.

Another of the film's strengths comes from the acting. Despite starring one of Hollywood's most sizzling couples, romance definitely takes a back seat in this film. There's not even one kiss! Instead, Robinson seems to dominate every scene he's in. It is a testament to Bogart's own audience-drawing power that he and Robinson share nearly equal billing, for, despite Bogart's own superb performance, Robinson's out-shines it at every turn. In fact, many have credited "Rocco" with being one of the best gangster portrayals on the silver screen. Rocco's mind games, with each and every character, build up a sense of mounting tension and helplessness, especially in the humiliating and delicious scene in which Claire Trevor's part, Gay, is made to perform a mockery of her own glory days as a singer in exchange for just one more drink. Gay's performance of "Moanin' Low" may not have won her a drink, but it did win Trevor an Academy Award. And certainly, though she definitely deserved it, I felt every other secondary player performed just as strongly as she.

One of the film's weakness could be that its characters are not quite as complicated and grey-shaded as most in film noirs are. But even if it is clear Bogart is the hero and Robinson the bad guy, it makes their showdowns no less tense, and really, just because Bogart is the hero, doesn't mean he always wins. The other complaint some may have is Florida's trees look fake, and the storm does too. Not surprising as it was mostly filmed on a studio lot rather than in the Keys themselves, but I myself was too engaged in the characters' struggles to care much if a raindrop was a raindrop or not.

Interestingly, the final scene of Key Largo comes from the book To Have and Have Not. Since the writers were unable to fit it into the movie To Have and Have Not (The first Bogie and Becall film), they decided to use it here. And just what is that scene? See for yourself. I promise, you'll be on the edge of your seats till the credits roll, so pack your bags and chart a flight, first class, with Key Largo as your final destination for classic film enjoyment.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Post for Treasure Tromp


I am guest blogging for Nicole over at her blog Treasure Tromp today! Nicole won the care package giveaway a few weeks ago, and asked that I share what was mailed in the package with et readers. head on over for a peek into her care package! We're heading home, so its a day full of airports for me! Expect lots of trip photos next week.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

15 things to Put in a Care Package (11th Edition)

Oz Dolls

  1. Decorated Dish Cloths
  2. Holiday decorations
  3. Duck Tape
  4. magic trick
  5. Doll (Bonus: Make it small sized to decorate an office desktop!)
  6. Canned or Pickled items
  7. Mirror
  8. Pins or buttons to wear
  9. Scrapbook supplies
  10. Pot holder or tea cozy
  11. Unique pasta
  12. Speech Bubble chalkboard
  13. Cat’s Cradle (String and instructions!
  14. An Apron
  15. A Word Search (Bonus: Make it yourself!)

Still looking even more care package ideas? Try out the ten previous lists of 15 Things to Put in a Care Package!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Packing List: Going to San Francisco (I'll Put Flowers in my Hair)

That's right- we're heading to San Francisco this week! So excited to see all the sights and find out why its so many people's favorite city!

So nervous about how everyone touts its changing weather though. Hard to adjust to the thought of layers when we're all dying of heat in Wyoming. Hopefully these outfits will work out alright. If not, there's always shopping right? In the meantime, here's what's in my suitcase:
   San Francisco Packing ListSan Francisco Packing ListSan Francisco Packing ListSan Francisco Packing List

When I get back, I can't wait to catch up on all your lovely blogs; in the meantime have a great week! I'll let you know if I ended up having to leave my heart (in San Francisco).

Friday, July 20, 2012

Not "About A Boy"

It won't become a habit- getting mushy on Never Fully Dressed, that is. Or maybe it will, who knows?

But today- 365 days= the day I met someone who'd change my life.

Yeah. This is gonna be About "The Boy."

Amos and I
Here's the thing- one year ago, I was newly home from Europe wondering if I'd made the right choice to come back at all, and wondering where things were going to go from where I was. If I was doing things to get what I wanted in life. Not to sound all Cosmopolitian or Seventeen Magazine on anyone, but one of the things I did want was a relationship, and had nothing to show for that. Small Town America is not where one meets anybody- boy, girl or kangaroo. So, I joined one of those online dating sites. Better than nothing, right?

Amos was the very first person I'd ever met or contacted from the site. (Others' milage concerning online dating may vary, but one in five relationships start online. We're part of a statistic!) A strange experience, meeting someone online. We met for lunch and stayed for two hours. An all-day excursion to the mountains followed and then- well,  somehow it turned out that I'd met someone who changed my life.

Amos and I

This post isn't here just to be sappy though. Who is this Boy? He's actually quite the big presence on the blog, though you might not know it at first glance. Almost all the photography is his work (except for the instagrams; those are mine. Any other's work should be cited). He's my sound board and cheerleader (this blog was his idea.) His name is Amos. He works for a non-profit called Cody CAN (Change Attitudes Now) that focuses on using positive peer pressure and positive messaging to get kids to make positive life choices, especially concerning drugs. It's the type of job that's a crazy amalgam of social media, photography, tech support, event planning, cheerleading and more.

Want to know more? Well, lists like these are never exhaustive, but here's some other things About The Boy:

1) He's supportive. Like I said, it's because of him there's a blog. But it's bigger than that. A partner needs to be supportive of your dreams and goals, and. sometimes, they can help you find them.

2) He's generous. He's generous in his time and in his effort and in his attention. He's the type that not only opens doors for you, but for your friends.

3) He's crazy-smart. Actually, he's not just smart. He's geeky too. (And seeing as I am involved in teaching people how use technology to learn, we have the geekiest conversations ever.)

4) We are different. Nora Ephron once joked that the film You've Got Mail could have been named So You Want to Marry a Republican. Not because that's what the movie is literally about (nor is a statement about either of our politics either way). Rather, when you ask someone to list who they'd like to meet...it's often a lot of their own traits they talk about. But you don't need another you. Other people will open you up to new things, and maybe you'll like them and maybe not. If not that's okay. For example, we both like to read, but different things.  Dinner conversations in the making, then, right?

Amos and I dancing

Instagram by Jayne Johnson

5) He's a romantic and is passionate. Guess who found where we could take dancing lessons after I voiced a longing to learn to dance? Guess who ended up being the one more eager to learn newer, harder things? Guess who likes me in twirly skirts the best? Yeah.

6) He's adventurous. Okay, this one is a double-edged sword. A year ago today I was listening to the story  of his adventure parachuting. It was a little scary; not gonna lie. Luckily  a) the parachuting was a one time thing and b) Adventures come in all shapes and sizes.

Car reflection

7) He's gets along with my family. This really cannot be overstated enough. Your family knows you, and can see beyond your blindspot for you. (Yes, his family is wonderful too.)

8)  Similar beliefs, and values and ideas of where we want life to head. Also, cannot be overvalued.

9) We balance each other out. While he needs to be reminded sometimes that "Perfect is the enemy of the good," I might be guilty of subscribing too much to "good enough for government work." I tend to be very goal oriented, a big picture person; he's got an eye for details.

10) Amos is Amos. We all need to our own selves be true. It is the small, undefinable parts of a person- what makes them laugh, a quirk they have, the fears they share, the books they like, the movies they don't, the dreams and memories and loves they open up to you with- that really matter in ways we probably don't even realize. They are wonderful and they are him.

Amos Snapshot

Bonus: He's silly!

Love you, babe.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I Wore: Summer Staples


What I Wore: Tank Top (Forever 21), Shirt with Ties (Anthropologie), Shorts and belt (Proper and Prim), Shoes (Rockport; from a giveaway), Necklace (Borrowed)

These shorts- look familiar? Probably, since I've been practically living in them all summer! Though this color seems hard to capture for the web, its incredible versatile (You can seem me wearing these same shorts here, and here too).

What about you? What are your summer staples this summer?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

15 Things to Put in a Care Package (10th Edition!)

Wow, its already the 10th Edition of 15 Things to Put in a Care Package- that makes 150 ideas to show someone you care! Look below for some fun mail ideas,  or get more ideas from the nine previous lists.

Happy Mailing!

    You can buy this, and other prints at the Print Maker's

  1. Change Purse
  2. Travel guide or travel book (great for the traveller!)
  3. A letter for a letter game
  4. A hanging mobile
  5. novelty camera or film
  6. A troll doll
  7. Trail Mix
  8. Maple Syrup
  9. Prints from a favorite children’s book
  10. Fossils (Just remember, you pay based on weight, so send something small!)
  11. Rubix Cube
  12. Horoscopes
  13. Something for a pet (i.e. A new toy, or a few treats in a bag)
  14. Frisbee
  15. Bookplates

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I Wore: In The Cooling Mountain Air

Beartooth OutfitBeartooth OutfitTripytch-BeartoothBeartooth OutfitBeartooth Outfit

What I Wore: Shorts (Anthropologie), Shoes (Famous Footwear), Swimming suit (Jantzen), bolero (Roman Street Vendor)

As I told you yesterday, we escaped to the mountains over the weekend- my favorite mountain range, in fact, the Beartooth Mountains. Its named for a jagged peak that looks like- you guessed it. With much of where we stopped at or above the treelike, in rugged tundra, this actually wasn't probably the best outfit to wear. As unreal as it feels to say this now that I'm back down in the heat... it was chilly! We even threw a snowball or two made from the little remaining snowpack.

Cold or not though, I'm definitely remembering this combo again. I like the retro vibe. Also, let you in on a secret- that's not a top, but a swimming suit! Always good to discover a piece of your wardrobe can do double duty, right?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Review: Beartooth Mountains

Beartooth Mountains InstagramMountian Growth InstagramToe InstagramBeartooth Lake InstagramSatterlee Pond InstagramKiss InstagramWildflower InstagramBeartooth Mountains II InstagramChief Joseph Highway Instagram'Oh, So Gouda" Sandwhich Instagram
Escaping the heat is essential this summer, so we took off yesterday for higher altitudes and cooler (if thinner) air.Several hundred feet difference and suddenly I'm throwing snowballs at The Boy!

The Beatooth Mountains, was named one of the 100 places in American to see before you die by Time Magazine, and its easy to see why. Its not pretty green hills; things have to be rugged to live that high and it shows. But instead of pretty or beautiful, these peaks show you the majestic, the pristine and the sublime.

Daringly, this drive (which takes about 4 hours) was what Amos (The Boy) proposed as our first real date after meeting! His logic? That we'd certainly know whether we could stand the other person or not by the time we were through (Disclaimer: he never stated this purpose at the time, nor ever in this blunt way. But its still totally true).
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