Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mail Madness Post: Another 15 Things to Put in a Care Package (5th edition)

  1. Handmade item like clothing or pottery etc.
  2. Address book with your address in it
  3. Origami
  4. Pictures of past fun times together (or a blurb book with the same!)
  5. A magazine
  6. A list of______ ( i.e. happy thoughts, things to do, things that annoy you etc.)
  7. A handmade Maze (Example: here)
  8. Hot chocolate on a stick
  9. Massage tool
  10. Fake flowers
  11. A pack of playing cards (Bonus: send instructions for a new card game!)
  12. Paper fan
  13. Logic puzzles
  14. Chinese fortune cookie fortunes (Bonus: Learn how to make either real or paper fortune cookies!)
  15. A handmade piƱata
PS For more ideas check out here, here and here. Also this list too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Wore: In Other Lives

Abandoned-7 Abandoned-5Abandoned-1 Abandoned-3 Abandoned-8

Walking into abandoned houses always feels like walking into other people's lives. They are lives that have faded out, faded in ways that must have been spectacular, abrupt, and, I wonder, sometimes if heartbreaking. Dishes still sitting in neat piles by the sink, ready to be put away or furniture still sitting where its sat for years unused. What do we leave behind and what do we take. My favorite part about this abandoned place was the painted leaves on the wooden floor. Who took the time to do that? Did they smile every time they looked down, and saw their work beneath them?

This outfit is a bit of a jarring jump. Its so bright and cheery and full of life. But the juxtaposition seems to work. Its actually rather surprising this particular skirt hasn't made it onto the blog before. Its a favorite for many reasons. It has a bright, cheery pattern. It was a good deal. It was from a trip I enjoyed. But really the very best thing about this skirt is that it twirls. Sounds silly or a small detail, maybe? But, you see, this makes it the perfect dancing skirt. Men really will twirl you more, if you have a dress that flares. Not even an exaggeration. And let me tell you, I love the spins, even if I need my partner to offer his arm after the dance, so as I don't fall flat on my face trying to walk back to the seat!

What I Wore: Skirt (thrifted), Shirt (Modbod), Necklace (borrowed), belt (vintage), Shoes: (famous footwear)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I Wore: Boater Hat

BoaterHat-9 BoaterHat-6 BoaterHat-8 BoaterHat-4

My weekend purchase just seems too perfect for summer doesn't it? Boater hats remind me of childhood- of Easter outfits, and dolls ,and tea parties (with afore mentioned dolls. Pinkies up, dears!) My father's a photographer, so it’s hardly a surprise both my sister and I got a fair share of portraits growing up, is it? My favorite of her was with a pageboy hair cut, in  a little sailor suit and a pouty face. Its beyond adorable, but a four year old kept from her nap does not smile easily; I don't think we thought quite as funny at the time. …Um, I just realized she might be a bit annoyed I shared that part with you. Just to be clear she's grown into a gorgeous young woman who smiles a lot, nap or no nap. Hi, Danyon!

This boater hat though... combines the delight of all those sort of memories, but not in a childish way. Sort of like how the story of the Velveteen Rabbit will be a magical no matter your age. That's the line I'm going with anyway. I have to have some reason to justify a fifth hat, after all.

What I wore: Dress: Target, Hat: Target, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Shirt: Gap, Purse: H&M (gift from sister!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Review: Sringtime Delghts

b722415c8d8b11e1989612313815112c_7c0ef6ca08bf111e180d51231380fcd7e_7 559653_10151490345950314_536095313_23719054_851568851_n
My boysPark
Weekend delight

Last week was my boy's birthday. Initially it had seemed like he would be working on his birthday, so I'd planned a few sweet surprises for him throughout the week. More on that later this week (A very exciting Mail Madness Post is planned for you all!), but what it meant was last week felt a little like a long weekend because there were so many evenings we hung out. And then the Weekend Proper was a lazy, lovely amalgam of sunshine, puppies and food.

Its becoming a habit to go to Billings when we are feeling cabin fever with our own towns but this was the first time Amos' dauschand, Max, got to go. I've never seen a pup so excited for a Pet-co before! That wasn't the only surprise for Max this week either; earlier he'd gotten a surprise visit from my Wired Haired Fox Terrier, Gidget. While in Billings we hung out at the park, ate Thai and pastries and I got myself this sweet Boater Hat.

Sunday we went to church, and were happily greeted by all the returned snow-birds and on getting home I even found I had mail! So those lovely masks were from my sister. Everyone on the block (including my family!) were out in the yards cleaning out gardens, biking, playing with pets. We cleaned out our gardens too and even now I can hear the kids playing out in the street. Spring has sprung in the most delightful way. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Film Flick Friday: Annie Hall


Anhedonia, It Had to Be Jew, A Rollercoaster Named Desire, Me and My Goy- all were possible film titles for  one of Woody Allen’s definitive masterpieces. Annie Hall  would become  the 1977 Best Picture (beating out Star Wars) and, eventually,  the American Film Institute’s 31st best American Movie of all time. But it might not have become either if they hadn’t found a title where people knew all the words (for the record ,anhedonia means the inability to take pleasure in things). Billed instead as Annie Hall and tag-lined a “neurotic romance,” the film captures something about love in a modern setting that ran true the 70s culture that produced it.  

Credited as being a turning point in  actor, director and  writer Woody Allen’s career, Annie Hall  is more than just some good laughs. Its comedy to tackle serious subjects, and many moviegoers have the tantalizing suspicion of  it having autobiographical roots.  According to Allen, they are a bit off  base." “The stuff that people insist is autobiographical is almost invariably not. It's so exaggerated that it's virtually meaningless to the people upon whom these little nuances are based. People got it into their heads that Annie Hall was autobiographical, and I couldn't convince them it wasn't.” True, Annie was co-star Diane Keaton’s nickname, and Hall was her maiden name, she and Allen had had a romantic relationship, and the clothes she wore in the film were own (though, if the costume designer had had their way, they wouldn’t have been! They had proclaimed Keaton’s fashion sense- which  would inspire a fashion craze, as “too weird.”). But, in fact, Annie Hall started out life as a screenplay for a murder mystery with the would-be lounge singer as only a minor role- a big leap from real life. Once in production, a lot of improvising happened as well , including  Woody Allen sneezing into cocaine, and finding the character Alvy’s childhood home in Brooklyn  after spying a house with a roller coaster built over it  during a location scouting trip. Perhaps most poignantly though, the ending scene was a last minute addition

lDtMBTaSiq5ySFhg8HFxSGIKs5l Told in a nonlinear fashion,  with
many unusual  visual  storytelling tactics- including  a cartoon segment, talking directly the audience and a literal  walk down memory lane-
 Annie Hall tells the story of Alvy Singer and  love in New York City.  Though  we see sections of story about his previous girlfriends and wives, at different times, the story centers on one love in particular- that of Annie. Annie is a WASP in from the midwest, trying to make it as a lounge singer and in her and Alvy we finally have  love interests too quirky and nonfunctional to envy. Just because they are a pair of  odd ducks though doesn’t make it hard to watch. On the contrary, perhaps their flaws give us hope that all weirdos will find a way and even if they don’t, well, it's still good entertainment.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mail Madness Post: You've Got Mail (The Pinterest Remix)


It should be no surprise to anyone folliwing this, but I love mail. I love to get it and I love to send it. Such a nice surprise! To help foster my addicti-er…love of mail, I even made a pinterest board (Pinterest- now there’s a real addiction!). Check out some of the fabulous ideas people on Pinterest have for sending mail.

I’ve lots of other boards (admittedly, probably with too many pins. What was I saying about addicting earlier) too, so feel free to check it out.

Are any of you on Pinterest too?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I wore: In Unexpected Places


Today’s is a work outfit. Usually I do photos on the weekends, so you sometime get more…fun or casual outfits than what I wear during the week, but I really like both the skirt and jacket in this!

For a fun contrast I’ll tell you what I got up to in such professional clothes- I explored an abandoned house. This was a hobby I actually used to do quite a bit (my favorite abandoned areas included an abandoned church which, according to the sign, was the “True Love Church,” an old motel, and a whole cluster of small little houses near “Railroad St.” Abandoned railway cars also intrigued me). But since moving to the northern part of the state, I’ve found there are fewer abandoned places and definitely fewer you can actually get into. This one is only partially abandoned. The owners live next door and keep it for storage, I think. Or to eventually donate to an organization that wants to use it as a Haunted House before they tear it down.  Inside didn’t have good light, but here you imagine we walked away feeling very much like old explorers heading home from a good trek. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I Wore: To Tell The Truth


First things first- I’ve got two confessions to make.

First, my hair is not really chopped off all short. My sister recently chopped her hair  Despite the (strong) family resemblance, there’s no way I’d look half as cute with short hair though. She's looking super-cute! But it was fun to play for the day.

Second confession? That is not even my dog. Before you think I go around abducting puppies out of yards to cuddle them and use their cute-factor to lure you to my blog… its my boy’s dog, Max. Max likes me better though because I give belly rubs (then Amos brings out steak bones for the spoiled boy and I’m back to being second best…oh well!)

Well, I’m glad to get all that off my chest!

What I wore: Shirt: Target, Skirt:Ruche, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Necklace: DEB’s

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Review: What's in your own backyard

Heart mt.
Beartooth mountainsMax
Sunlight basinStir fry

 My guy and I are in a long distance relationship. Nothing too extreme, but different towns, so weekends are really our chance to get out and do things. And, boy, do we ever. Its actually pretty rare for us to have nothing planned, but after a week of a lot of quality time with the driver's wheel, kicking back seemed pretty nice sounding. Staying home though, was surprising in that it was hard at first to not Have A Plan. Or to have a plan (no capital P!) centered more on grocery shopping than anything.

But it was lovely to just be doing the little everyday things right next to this man and enjoying the heck out of it. Thanks to all that grocery shopping, we had stir fry and homed pizza. We also watched a ton of movies, including some Casablanca things. In honor of the 70th anniversary there's lots of things on the latest release of this film including some fun documentaries and commentaries! We also caught Bogart in the rather-similar-but-also-very-good To Have and Have Not.

To keep from being complete bums though, we took Amos' dog, Max, for walks and even a drive in the mountains. I love that picture of Heart Mountain- it always reminds me of what my Dad would say returning from a trip- "When you see Heart Mountain, you know you're close to home." Literally true, but there's something figuratively true about that too, and I was seeing Heart Mountian all weekend long.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Wore: Classics


When I was a kid, it was always my dad who knew what to wear. Might not be the usual way, but he’s a photographer, so…One of the things I always heard was “classics.” Classics, classics, classics. That was, according to my father, what you needed to look for in clothes. Let me just tell you that the thing twelve-year-olds with burgeoning fascinations with sparkles do NOT want to hear is “try this sweater vest.”

Really, do we ever want to try on the sweater vest?

But the thing of it is, is that he was right. Not about the vest, but other classic garments. They never go out of style. Which is why the Benton stripes will always be a good choice. Sometimes simple is best and sparkles are wrong. What would my twelve-year-old self think? 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I Wore: Seeing Red

Red Pants Reservoir

Red Pants ReservoirRed Pants Reservoir
Red Pants Reservoir

The title refers to the pants, not my mood, just for the record. How could I be up tight in this anyway? Actually, this relaxed outfit served me well both on the drive up and the drive back from Missoula this weekend. For traveling so far though, the backdrop is not very exotic. We stopped out at the damn near town!

I love these jeans and take advantage of the weekends to wear them, but is it just me, or are red pants surprisingly harder to style than one would think? I see pinterest and blogs abound with red pants, but always struggle with the vibrant color. How to do you like to style colored pants? What colors do you find easiest or hardest to style? 

Weekend Review: Easter in Montana

Amos Noir

This past weekend, Amos and I drove up to Missoula to visit my friend Sarah. It’s a bit of a jaunt at over six hours away, and a snowstorm threatened to keep us away, but we made it in the end. We spent time trying on costumes, antiquing, rode a carousel (the fastest west of the Mississippi!), and even were visited by the “Easter bunny!” Nothing’s better than getting to be silly with good people, right?

What did you all do over the holiday weekend? 
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