Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Channelling Annie Hall

Channeling Annie Hall Blog Post 2
Channeling Annie Hall Blog Post 6
Channeling Annie Hall Blog Post 5
Channeling Annie Hall Blog Post 4

I'll admit it- I do have my issues with Woody Allen's "nervous romance," Annie Hall. It seems to send a message that women change/make themselves over for a man, in his image. With the possible exception of My Fair Lady, this does not seem romantic to me. Grow with a person= yes; become their clone= no. However, the film has its good points too. Inventive storytelling, great cinematography and, most pertinent to this post, Diane Keaton and her fabulous sense of fashion! So here I am "channeling" my inner Annie Hall. Its not really menswear, but with a little help from the vest-and-hat combo...Well, I can pretend, right?

What I wore: Hat: vintage, skirt: H&M, shoes: Famous footwear, shirt: Target, necklaces: Deb's and American Eagle, Coat: ASOS, scarf: Target

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Film Flick: Desk Set

The eighth of nine pictures together, Desk Set is Kathrine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy’s last romantic comedy and first film in color.With a giant computer and the full skirts that the office ladies wear, one would think Desk Set runs the risk of seeming dated. But they’re called classic films for a reason- there’s always something that will ring true no matter the age. So, while computers are no longer the strange invaders of the workplace they were in the 1950s (or even the 1980s), Desk Set’s themes of technology versus the human mind are relevant, fun and funny still.

When Richard Sumner (Spencer Tracy), methods engineer and inventor of an “electronic brain,” is hired on at a New York broadcasting studio to help the research department become more automatized, he’s not allowed to tell anybody what he’s really up to! But a strange man who talks about a stranger machine is sure to raise a few eyebrows, and the ladies who work in the research department under the capable Bunny Watson ( played by Kathrine Hepburn and based on Agnes E. Law, CBS’s then-head research librarian) are no dummies.Something is up, and fear of pink slips in the offing! Most of the movie is spent with the not-getting-any-younger Bunny Watson vacillating between trying to get her boyfriend of seven years to finally pop the question, and trying to keep her subordinates calm with the threat of being replaced by a mchine hanging over their heads. Add in Tracy’s geeky engineer’s growing attraction to the head researcher, and a supporting cast of Gig Young and Joan Blondell, and you have the recipe for one charming movie-date.

Adapted from a Broadway play of the same name, the part of Richard Sumner was expanded and modified in order to make the story work as Hepburn and Tracy vehicle. This included changing the role from a young man to suit the fifty-something Spencer Tracy. A romance story line was also added. One of the new scenes included a rainy night at Watson’s apartment and some hilarious ad-libbing on the part of the actors.

Despite such changes, the audience definitely feels the film’s theatrical roots, and not always in that charming manner much of Desk Set exudes. The camera almost never moves, giving us the same feeling as when theatre-goers are watching a whole stage. The set dressers take try to advantage of the static feel, with props that fill the entire space, such as the colossal EMERAC computer, or Bunny Watson’s office plant. But we miss the intimate moments more fluid camera work could bring.

Some might find Desk Set almost forgettable, despite its strong leads. It lacks the battle of the sexes storyline that made sparks fly in Hepburn and Tracy’s earlier films like Woman of the Year or Adam’s Rib. Still, as good as those films are, I personally do not mind. Instead, we get something new, both from the leads and from the relationship they create for us on screen. Though both characters are strong, smart and successful people, the conflict and the attraction never centers on this fact. Both are allowed to remain strong, smart and successful. With older characters, and different circumstance, the romance is slower, but no less lovely to watch.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Business Look with Rocker Hair

Business Look with Rocker Hair III

Business Jack et with Rocker Hair Shoes

Business Jack et with Rocker Hair Detail

Business Jack et with Rocker Hair

Thank goodness for versatile hair, right? The color's not too much to look at, but I've always been thankful for hair that I can easily make straight, or- with a little product to persuade it- curly, which is what it is today. For some reason, curly hair always makes me feel a bit wild (but should hair make you feel anything)? So a black jacket normally used give outfits a more Serious Business vibe is instead turning up the rock look. Add some heels and we're good to go, right?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Driftwood outfit

Clothing post
Made it back to the reservoir the other day, and the driftwood tipi, though its a bit wetter and colder than the last time we were here! But braving the snow is half the fun, right?

What I wore: sweater: Wet Seal, Dress and leggings: Target, Boots: Famous Footwear, Wool Socks: handmade, Belt: thrifted

Well, I'm off to for a date with my sweetie. Happy Valentines!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Care Packages

Email, blogs and online communication are fun and funky, but there’s just something special about getting something you can hold onto. And, like Maria in the Sound of Music, packages are one of my favorite things. So, from time to time, there’s going to be sneak-peeks into some of the care packages I mail out to friends, like this one below.

A birthday package! Fun, fun!

Care packages don’t have to be costly to be fun! I put in: A borrowed book Soulless (for the girl who appreciates a little supernatural humor), bumper stickers (for the teacher), paper clips (who couldn’t use more pretty office supplies?), magazines (A girly one for a light read, The Sun for literary stimulation), a CD (Golden Oldies; thanks iTunes!), A giant print of an Alice in Wonderland Page (taken from an oversized coloring book. Good to color), two specialty notepads (packing lists for the world traveller, and Good Job for those who regularly need to be told how much they rock), Photography Fine Art Postcards and candy (that you can only find at candy stores). Plus, a birthday card (envelope has a hand drawn maze. Go on; add a little fun to the day!)

Monday, February 6, 2012

First Post!

Welcome to my first post!

A rambly outfit for a rambly walk.These were taken out by the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, which is all frozen over. You could hear the ice moaning; it sounded like whale calls, in an eerily way. Also found a driftwood tipi on the beach, but got no pictures since the sun was casting it all in shadows.

What I’m wearing: hat-garage sale, sweater- Wet Seal, jeans- Gap, shoes- Famous Footwear, scarf- Target.
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